April 16, 2021

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10 celebrities who cracked our ribs during the lockdown [ARTICLE]

10 celebrities who cracked our ribs during the lockdown [ARTICLE]

With a mix TikTok and Instagram comic reliefs, millions of fans were thrilled by top Ghanaian celebrities during the lockdown.

From musicians to actors, dozens of variety of comic skits were produced during the lockdown to entertain fans on two major video-sharing platforms, Instagram and TikTok.

Here, we share with you 10 Ghanaian celebrities who didn’t spare our ribs during the lockdown.

1. Lydia Forson

This list is in no order but Lydia Forson served as the ‘prefect’ of her class (fellow celebrities) during the lockdown. Her entertaining content includes TikTok mimic videos and original comedy for Instagram.

Here are her best videos:

2. Jackie Appiah

One of the first Ghanaian celebrities to jump onto the TikTok bandwagon, Jackie Appiah has amassed over 200k followers and has received over 400k thumbs-ups for her comic reliefs. But her strength lies on Instagram where she cross-posts to entertain millions of people. She normally lampoons, but she injects her true acting skills which make her videos unique and more lively.

Here are her best videos:

3. Juliet Ibrahim

She is naturally goofy and that is why we can’t have enough of the actress. During the lockdown, she joined the mimicking gang and created content that hurt ribs, literally.

Here are her best videos:

4. James Gardiner

James possesses an alluring character which came to bear during the lockdown. He also joined the TikTok craze and equally created rib-cracking mimic videos that we can’t forget.

Here are his best videos:

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5. Nadia Buari

With over 70k followers and 133k thumbs-ups on TikTok, Nadia Buari didn’t deny her followers entertainment during the lockdown. She is excellent at lampooning – I can bet – but ultimately, she spices up her mimic videos with new twists.

Here are her best videos:

6. Becca

You can call her Mrs MJ. During the lockdown, her life on social media was all about music and dance, dance and more dance. What makes her videos more exciting? The fact that she sometimes drags her husband into such ‘stress’. What more? The looks on her husband’s face when being dragged always connected with our moods.

Here are her best videos:

7. Princess Shyngle

She is a bit controversial but Princess Shyngle’s wittiness is top-notch. She combines imaginative Instagram videos with TikTok to entertain her fans.

Here are her best videos:

8. Kalybos

Kalybos was discovered through YouTube skits so no wonder he made this list. During the lockdown, the comedian also joined the mimicking bandwagon and dished out some impressive comic reliefs.

Here are his best videos:

9. Xandy Kamel

Even before the lockdown, Xandy had been producing compelling content to entertain her Instagram followers. She also used the mimicking tricks to entertain her followers.

Here are her best videos:

10. Sandra Ankobiah

Sandra also creates mimic videos but her moods always create new vibes to her videos. She went all during the lockdown and created fun videos every week to entertain her fans.

Here are her best videos:

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