December 04, 2020

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10 Ghanaian celebrities who keep their love life away from the public

10 Ghanaian celebrities who keep their love life away from the public

This list looks at the celebrities who do not show of their partners except of course for the occasional birthday wishes and anniversaries.

1.Naa Ashorkor

Naa Ashorkor and Husband

The Ghanaian media personality got married to the love of her life in October 2014. Naa Ashorkor and her husband, Ahuma Cabutey Adodoaji, have welcomed two children now. 

However, Naa has never shared or posted anything about her husband and children. For two times, she only announced her delivery but has never posted her sons on social media before. 

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2. Jay Foley

jay Fooley and his wife

He has been in the Ghanaian showbiz industry for a period over a decade. Nevertheless, the love life of the medial personality and mogul is less known. He got married to one Josie in December 2014. Though once in a blue moon he shares a post about his family, he keeps more away from the public.

3. Ameyaw Debrah

Beautiful photos from Ameyaw Debrah’s wedding you need to see

He is Ghana’s most decorated blogger. By his work, he gossips a lot about the relationship life of most celebrities, however, he keeps his love life in his closet. Ameyaw surprisingly got married to Elsina in 2018. Before their wedding, they had a son, Nathan, who was born in the U.S, where his mother lives.

4.Luckie Lawson

The Ghanaian actress, film producer and businesswoman recently shared a picture of her family to mark her 10th marriage anniversary and most of her fans got shocked. This is because she doesn’t share her love and family life on social media.

 5.Coded of 4×4 fame

The Ghanaian musician and Maame Afua Agyeiwaa have been married since September 2015. However, less is known about his wife because he keeps it coded until it’s time to mark their anniversary. However, once a while he shared posts about her on social media.

6. Majid Michel and Virna

Majid Michel, wife and children

The couple is popular on TV because Virna as well and her children have been on the screens for years for their feature in a TV commercial for a tomato paste. Interestingly, the actor’s wife is not even on social media and her husband hardly shares anything about her and their children. The two got married in 2005 and have three children together.

 7. Captain Planet and Uche Fodile

Captain Planet and wife

The two got married secretly in June 2014 and have since kept their life together offline. Perhaps Uche is very busy due to her corporate lifestyle in the Telco industry, therefore, showing affections online is not her thing. 

8.Nadia Buari

She is the mistress of secrecy among all Ghanaian celebrities. The actress shocked the world when she announced the birth of her twins. As if that shock wasn’t enough, Miss Buari later disclosed that she’s been with her man for a period around a decade.

Nadia Buari’s twin girls and baby daddy

Just like no one has seen the face of her any of her children, nobody knows this mystery man who fathered them as well. 

9. Van Vicker

Van Vicker and his wife, Adwoa

He doesn’t exactly keep his love life away from the media, however, anytime he shows off his children people get surprised because they are not toddlers.

Van Vicker’s children look old to most of his fans, probably because they came quite early before social media became a thing so unlike the likes of Ryn Roberts and Baby Lorde, they didn’t grow up online in everyone’s face. The actor has been married to Adwoa, the mother of her children, for 16 years now.

10. Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah

It’s easy to remember her favourite designers, whose products she wears, but it’s very difficult to know her favourite person in this world when it comes to matters of love.

Jackie Appiah’s son, Damien Agyemang

All we know about the Ghanaian actress’ love life is that she was once married and has a son. The rest of her love life is really low key. If you doubt us, tell us, somebody, you know Jackie has ever dated or dating.

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