December 01, 2021

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Acting MUSIGA President pleads for Shatta Wale

Acting MUSIGA President pleads for Shatta Wale

I think we live in a country that is governed by laws and rules and regulations. I don’t want to see musicians come in confrontation with the law and things like that,” he added.

However, according to the legendary Highlife musician, this should serve as a guide to all musicians and managers of artists.

And I think this should also be an example to all musicians to make sure whatever you do you protect yourself from such things. And also the management that manages our stars should make sure that they don’t get into such troubles,” he said.

Bessa Simons also cautioned quack prophets against doom prophecies when noted that “having said that, let me also say this to the pastors who are making all kinds of prophecies“.

It doesn’t help at all. What about if you say this and you get it wrong. If you have something for an individual, call them and talk to them. Don’t put it out there, then it becomes like you want to ride on his fame,” he concluded.

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