December 04, 2020

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Afro-pop singer M.O.V. to release 2 new singles [ARTICLE]

Afro-pop singer M.O.V. to release 2 new singles [ARTICLE]

“Logoligi”, the first of the two singles talks about finding oneself in love and not wanting to succumb to the feeling for fear of the “silly” things love can make one do.

“Logoligi” is an afro-pop song with a beat produced by Phredxter that will keep you dancing all day.

The second single, Blow My Mind, is a slow jam. The kind of song you just nod your head to and have a good time with. It is a song about finding the perfect girl and how she makes you feel.

A line from the song says, “It’s been so long since we met, those days you used to play hide and seek with me.”

It features Femi DeBankBuoy whose verse is a must listen.

M.O.V.’s unique style brings a breath of fresh air onto the music scene and on the September 20, 2020, you can stream and enjoy the two singles on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music and all the major digital stores around the world.

You can also watch the lyrics video of the two songs on YouTube on the same release date.

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