January 22, 2021

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Castro is now a happy car manufacturer and mechanic – Woman claims (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Castro is now a happy car manufacturer and mechanic - Woman claims (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

The middle-aged woman shared the jaw-dropping narration on Nhyira FM’s ‘Ewiase Mu Nsem’ show. According to her, she has seen the missing Ghanaian musician in the marine world working happily as a mechanic.

He has learnt how to fix cars, he has even bleached his skin,” she said and emphasized that Castro is not dead. “He is not dead, he will come, you’ll see him because whilst I was there too for one month, people thought I was dead and they were planning my funeral,” she told the host.

Speaking about how she got there, she said it was after the death of her master whom she was serving as a maidservant. According to her, her boss gifted her a diamond ring and that was the beginning of all her woes.

In a report by adomfmonline.com, she recounted that “the ring housed a spirit which was the source of her boss’ wealth, which literally meant she was next to perform rituals for the said deity“.

Castro went missing with Janet Bandu in 2014

The website reported her to have detailed that due to her Christian background, she declined to perform the ritual and by way of punishment and threat to convince her to do the ritual, she was spiritually transported undersea to serve whilst she was presumed dead in the real world.

Hear more from her in the video below.

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