March 02, 2021

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Clemento Suarez talks about his career on McBrown’s Kitchen (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Clemento Suarez talks about his career on McBrown's Kitchen (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Clemento, a graduate of the University of Ghana, whose popularity has been exponentially increasing recently due to his versatile creativity in cracking ribs, prepared oxtail stew with rice and potatoes on Nana Ama McBrown’s cooking show.

The pair with their affable and high sense of humour personality brought it all to play as they interacted with each other on the show which has seen Clemento talking about his life and career. Clemento said he schooled in Kumasi until relocating to Tema to attend Temasco for his High School education.

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According to the actor, born Clement Ashiteye, he works at the British Council and that makes his entertainer career his side gig. Talking about Ghanaian comedy scene, he said: “ Ghanaian comedy is picking up, especially with the Stand-Up side, Ghanaians are beginning to accept them and they actually doing well”.

He mentioned the likes of OB Ampongsah, DKB, Lexix, Warris as some few putting Ghana on the map and they need more support. Talking about stage plays, he said: “when the COVID-19 goes, come to the National Theatre to support us too”.

Clemento Suarez on McBrown’s Kitchen

Nana Ama McBrown who heaped praises on Clemento’s artistry also asked him about his relationship status and he immediately zoned into his comic personality to address that aspect of his and you can watch it from the full interview below.

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