August 02, 2021

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Da Hammer nearly got lynched after warning man with gun for chasing his girlfriend

Da Hammer nearly got lynched after warning man with gun for chasing his girlfriend

Sharing his story which led him to Christ, Hammer recounted that it happened years ago whilst he was going to see Geo, the film director, at Coastal Estate but when he reached Coca Cola in Spintex, his car broke down, so he called the mechanic to come and fix the car.

I had a gun under my car seat so before leaving the car, I removed the gun and placed it in a bag I had,” he told Quophi Okyeame on Angel FM.

I was with a friend called Ofei and my girlfriend at the time, we picked a taxi, those days there was no nothing like Uber, and headed towards Coastal Estates to meet film director Geo. We went to discuss a music video,” he recounted.

Hammer continued that “when I finished with him, we stood by the road to get another taxi and whilst we were there, a guy who sounded like Nigerian came around and started speaking to my girl, asking her for her number“. He disclosed that the guy’s attitude pissed him off.

I sat in the car and called him around, then I removed my gun and pointed it at his leg to warn him to show some respect and not to approach a girl who is already with another guy,” he said and disclosed that the trouble started after “ the Taxi drive got out of the car and said he won’t go again“.

When he got down, he shouted armed robber, they got a gun … since then people around started pouncing on us, people started screaming they are armed robbers they have a gun, I started begging those around to stop shouting but before I could realize they started hitting me,” he said.

Hammer who was emotional whilst sharing this harrowing experience, said “I gave up and started thinking of headlines my name make the next day news … they were beating us. I remember stones being thrown at my head”.

However, the legendary record producer saw light at the end of the tunnel because his fame saved him on that fateful day. “I was covering myself from the beatings but at a point, I raise my head a little bit and some boy shouted, ‘isn’t that Hammer?’, then another guy said same and they started telling the people to stop,” he recounted.

According to Hammer, “luckily some people stopped a taxi for us and we rushed into it and drove off“. He detailed that, from that spot, “I went straight to church, Trinity East Legon, it was an empty church so I went to kneel, the pastor showed up and came to ask me what was my problem and I narrated my story to him“.

Hear more from Hammer in the video below as regrets pulling the gun and named one Yaw Berma as the guy who saved him. “Since then I never touched the gun again, my action of pulling it was unnecessary“.

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