December 01, 2021

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Damilola advises girls on sending nudes to partners; [ARTICLE]

Damilola advises girls on sending nudes to partners; [ARTICLE]

Acknowledging how the act has become a necessary evil in spicing some relationships, the Nigerian actress has opined that, if it turns to be imminent for any girl to send nude shots, then they should make sure their faces are cropped out.

However, before reaching that point with her advice, she warned that ladies should mindful of how such photos can be leaked. “Thinking about sending your nudes to that guy? Your crush may have a “confidant” who has a “confidant” who has a girlfriend he doesn’t hide anything from, who has a sister….. I’m sure you get my drift,” she wrote.

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She continued that “Before you go ahead, be ABSOLUTELY sure you know who you are dealing with. Even when you are, anything could go wrong. His phone could get into anyone else’s hands.”

Chris Attoh, ex-wife Damilola and their son

The ex-wife to Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, concluded her advice saying that “But as a GROWN WOMAN, if you have considered all that could go wrong and still decide to send him that picture or video to spice things up, be safe. Crop your face out

Damilo’s advice came as a caption to a hot shot of her face which she shared on Instagram. See it below.

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