May 18, 2021

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DKB reacts to ‘poppets and dimwits’ saying ‘Fix yourself’ amidst #FixTheCountry protest | Latest Ghanaian Celebrity News & Hot Gossip

DKB reacts to 'poppets and dimwits' saying 'Fix yourself' amidst #FixTheCountry protest | Latest Ghanaian Celebrity News & Hot Gossip

Since the past weekend, Ghanaians on social media have been using the now trending #FixTheCountry hashtag to protest against the NPP government over the high cost of living, erratic power supply, increment in fuel prices among others.

However, others who appear to be fanatics of the ruling argue that Ghanaians must fix themselves first.

Responding to them in a hilarious, DKB in a video shared on social media, fixed himself by changing his clothes into good looking ones in the video to say that ” wow now the housing deficit in Ghana is zero“.

Continuing the sarcasm in the video below, he added that “child mortality zero, borrowing zero, petrol prices per gallon 50 pesewas, wow I didn’t know I have to fix myself, I didn’t know all the taxes people came to the citizens“.

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