September 25, 2021

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‘Don’t follow me because of awards’ – Wiyaala tells fans (WATCH)

Wiyaala replies fans who claims she is underrated (SCREENSHOT) | Latest Ghanaian Celebrity News & Hot Gossip

“I would like to tell my family that if you are following Wiyaala, don’t follow me because you want me to win awards. Follow me because, maybe, my music give you peace; my music gives you joy that calms you down or entertains you,” she told Mx24 TV yesterday.

She said awards are man-made, but talent is God-given and that award schemes are created for business purposes.

“Awards are man-made, talent is God-given. It’s not something you can buy. Awards started how many years ago? Awards are more centred on business. So, if you are so much business-minded and you want to go into that, go.”

She said awards pushed her too hard when she started, however, when she took her mind off it, she was able to create beautiful songs.

“But, for me, when I started, I realised that awards were pushing me too hard to the edge. And it wasn’t me. And every time I take my time off awards and sing, something beautiful comes out.”

Wiyaala said she sees awards differently. For her, an award is when her music can make people fall in love.

“So, I told myself: ‘Okay, let me just do music.’ What is an award to me when my music makes people fall in love? That is my award,” she concluded.

The Sisaala-born songstress is currently out with a new single “Yagayaga”, a song that comes off her forthcoming album, “Yagayaga.”

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