December 01, 2021

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Efia Odo reveals what’s between her and marriage

'I don't sell myself, I've even declined GH60,000 hook up offer' - Efia Odo

Aside from men who come into her life as bargaining power to enter her pants, many of them only want to take delight and pride in dating her.

She made this revelation during an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“I think I have to stop looking for love because I am tired. All the men that come my way are after something else and not real love. They either want to get into your pants or just take pride in the fact that they are dating Efia Odo, which does not work for me,” she disclosed.

Efia Odo added that she wished to have been married with kids because that is what she desires now.

Efia Odo concluded that she is not a demanding lady, but she is very submissive in any relationship.

“I dated a couple of guys back then, and all didn’t work. I wish I were married with children because that is what I want right now. I understand love, and when a man understands me, it is very easy for us to roll. I am not a difficult person, and I am very submissive when I am in love”.

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