October 21, 2020

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Erica and Kiddwaya party hard together to continue sailing their BBN ship (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Erica and Kiddwaya party hard together to continue sailing their BBN ship (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

The 2020 BBN love pair were spotted together hand in hand and loved up at a party last night. Other BBN housemates from the previous season were also spotted at the party but the focus is on Kiddrica following their escapade in the ongoing BBN lockdown edition.

Erica and Kiddway became an item in this year’s reality show over their affairs which has seen them being intimate several times on the show and drama that came with it over how their union were threatened by other housemates.

Erica who admitted having a thing for Kidd was disqualified 2 weeks ago for breaking the house rules and a week later Kidd was evicted after not gathering enough votes from viewers to keep him in the show.

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Ardent viewers of the show have been in suspense if Kidd and Erica will continue their affairs outside the house with thoughts that they could be faking it when they were on the show. Also, Kidd, son of Nigerian billionaire Terry Waya, has made it known he’s not sure if he’ll date Erica even though she is someone he’d love to keep in his life.

Erica and Kidwaya at a party last night

Fast forward, it looks like the couple will continue what started doing in the house for a long time because the chemistry between them wasn’t different as they were spotted at the party yesterday. See more from the post below.

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