December 04, 2020

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Fantana addresses alleged issues with label mate, Wendy Shay

Fantana addresses alleged issues with label mate, Wendy Shay

The budding Ghanaian singer, once acknowledged that her music career kicked off after Wendy Shay connected him to Bullet, the C.E.O of Rufftown records music label.

However, things look to have gone sour between Wendy and Fantana, who are now on the same music label.

 During a Pulse Chat interview, the singer was asked why she wasn’t seen hanging out with Wendy at a show they both attended and her reply didn’t seem to have gone well for the Shaygang.

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According to the “Girls hate on Girls” singer, though Wendy was the link that connected her to Bullet, she doesn’t believe the “Shay On You” singer played any significant role to propel her career. Fantana says, she would rather credit it to destiny.

Wendy Shay

The same way somebody linked me to Bullet is the same way somebody linked Wendy to Bullet. I did not meet Bullet on the street neither did she. It was all through linking. In this life, we are going to be linking each other but that does not mean she is the reason I am Fantana today” she said.

A comment some fans have described as being ungrateful. “Wow… ungrateful being!” @i_am_quophi_ wrote beneath an excerpt of the interview shared on social media. See more from the post below.

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