July 12, 2020

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Following Hushpuppi because of his ‘ostentatious lifestyle’ reveals your true colours – Leila Djansi [ARTICLE]

Leila Djansi says she hasn't won Oscars because she has an African accent

Hushpuppi has dominated headlines across the globe this week for allegedly scamming 1.9M people for $435M including fraudulent paycheques.

On Thursday, Dubai Police Headquarters released a video of how they used social media tools to track and arrest the self-acclaimed millionaire.

Reacting to the news, Leila, in a Twitter post questioned why 2.4 million African youth are following him on Instagram and accused him of being a fraudster.

Hushpuppi arrested in Dubai

She said African youth should have followed the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, because he is an African too, adding that ‘If you follow someone because they display an ostentatious lifestyle, it reveals who YOU are.’

“2.4 million followers. Majority African youth. What were you following him for? The cars? Designer clothes? Or studying his fraud skills? Any of y’all follow @elonmusk? He’s African too. If u follow someone cos they display an ostentatious lifestyle, it reveals who YOU are,” she tweeted.

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