January 22, 2021

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Fornicate in your 20s and don’t fall in love – Pappy Kojo tells the youth [ARTICLE]

Fornicate in your 20s and don't fall in love - Pappy Kojo tells the youth [ARTICLE]

The “Realer No” hitmaker stirred Twitter a few days ago with series of tweets suggesting that his girlfriend ditched him for a ‘real estate developer or agent’.

It all started when he sent out a tweet a few days ago, saying: “Your girl was in love with u some fews months now , right now she’s madly in love with someone else ei”

Then, the tweet was followed by a bunch of tweets describing how his heart has been broken and why he can’t believe in love again.

“So all the love just vanished just like that ei”.

“I don’t think I can love again , without being cautious and this is all because of u”.

“Gh Girls dieh unless they don’t see real estate guys then they root”.

“Hmm it will be well with my heart”.

“I don’t believe in love anymore.”

“Your future kids and my future kids can’t be friends and I’ve deleted all of our pictures too”

“How do I start all over again , how do I come back to talking stages again at this age, how are u already in love with someone else? How? Goodnight.”

He then advised young people who are in their 20s not to fall in love and fornicate because love isn’t worth it at that stage of life.

“If you’re in your early 20’s don’t fall in love , enjoy the hoe face, love isn’t worth it,” he tweeted.

Fans reacted, as usual.

“Somebro into real estate snatched pappy kojo ein girlfriend from him. He dey tweet plenty. You don’t fear women . Face with tears of joy ego over u,” a Twitter user said.

Another user added: “Pappy Kojo get swag, he be fine man, he get the height so I’m guessing bedroom too he no get problem, he’s not broke , yeah I mean the nigga is okay but still woman take do am. Bro that gender cheats for absolutely no fuccin reason. Fear them.”

Have you endured a broken heart before? Share your story with us below.

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