April 16, 2021

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Funny Face and Adebayor reunite as football star visits comedian (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Funny Face and Adebayor reunite as football star visits comedian (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

The two went their separate ways last year after Funny Face refused to heed Adebayor’s advice on how to go about his family issues in the public space.

In July last year, Adebayor unfollowed Funny Face on Instagram for refusing to listen to his advice and since then, the two haven’t been seen together nor exchanged messages on social media.

But, finally, they are back as the good friends they used to be.

“Are you guys ready to see what I’m talking about?” Adebayor said in a video he shared on Instagram during his visit at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital before pointing his phone camera on Funny Face.

Funny Face responded with his signature video intro: “Yeah, you know how we do it. This is Kasoa Vandamme. It’s about to go down.”

He wished Adebayor a happy birthday before ending the short video.

Adebayor was accompanied by Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu and Ghallywood actor Fred Nuamah.

It’s unclear what went behind back doors but it seems Funny face is back on track and fit, and he is likely to be released before next week.

His wife and children also paid him a visit early this week.

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