December 01, 2021

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Ghanaian comic actor SDK Dele loses dad

Ghanaian comic actor SDK Dele losses dad

SDK Dele’s father has gathered fans for himself as well online for featuring several times in his son’s commit skits.

Ever since the comedian broke into the comedy scene, his both parents have thrown their support behind him by playing hilarious characters in most of his skits.

Speaking about his family in an old interview, SDK Dele revealed that his parents are naturals when it comes to acting, they effortlessly do it. The cause of his father’s death is not known yet, however, it is known that he has been ill for sometime now.

According to reports, SDK’s mother has also been under weather and undergoing treatment to better her health. Fans and friends of the actor have since been sympathizing with him. extends condolences to the family of the 26-year-old comic actor.

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