February 24, 2021

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Hajia 4 Real says It’s only in Africa that people think women can’t independently achieve success [ARTICLE]

Hajia 4 Real says It's only in Africa that people think women can't independently achieve success [ARTICLE]

The Ghanaian socialites speaking to this issue after she became a new owner of a tear rubber Range Rover on her birthday and a landlord of a mansion in Trasacco, one of Ghana’s neighbourhoods for the bourgeois.

Ever since news of self-styled entrepreneur, born as Mona Faiz Montrage and known for her luxurious lifestyle, showcased her birthday presents, they have been speculations that a sugar daddy sponsored her with the car and house.

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On the same tangent, Chairman Wontumi, a wealthy NPP regional chairman, alleged that his colleague millionaire, Ibrahim Mahama, who is a junior brother to Ghana’s Ex-President Mahama, is the man behind Hajia gifts – a comment she has denied and threatened to sue him.

Hajia 4 Real also seized the moment of the attention on her to warn Africans to stop tagging men into the success of women. According to her, it’s only Africa that people think women cannot independently achieve success. See her rant in the snapchat post below.

Hajia 4 Real’s snap chat post

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