July 10, 2020

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Heart of a Champion Episode 12 Update on Tuesday 30th April 2019

Heart of a Champion Episode 12 Update on Tuesday 30th April 2019


Daniel gives Tita an engagement ring as a proof that someday they will get married since she is still married to Waldo but may be one day, she might decide to say yes to his marriage proposal and Tita accepts the engagement ring with happiness.

Freda tells Rey that the relationship her mum has with her is very strange because they hardly even talk and she doesn’t even know where she goes and come back at dawn and the last time she told her (Freda) that her dad never appreciated her and so she is going to show him and the rest of the world that she could manage all on her own. Rey then asks her to be very patient with her mum because Salome needs time to accept that now Beba and Froylan are together. 

Sometimes children forget that mothers are human beings too and they have feelings and Freda thinks he is right and that is why she likes hanging out with him because he understands her. She then kisses him by surprise and it shocks Rey.
Quique tells his mother that soon their financial situation is going to change and he’ll give her everything she deserves. Salome is now doing prostitution to make earns meet.

Tita pays Chino her debt plus interests and tell him that she doesn’t want to have deals with him anymore and so he should leave her alone and asks Tita to say hello to her Champion for him now that he wasn’t able to sign his contract with the Buffalos and this panics Tita. 
Tita in great fear and worry she tells Daniel about it and he asks her to not worry because she doesn’t own anything to Chino anymore and Tita replies that it worries her that he (chino), knows everything about Rey, as if he was his (Rey) shadow. 

Arsenio asks Dante about Rey and he tells him that he wasn’t able to sign the contract with him because Rey’s mum changed her mind about the signing at the last minute. Arsenio then tells Dante that Rey is a very good player and if another team notices him, they’ll do everything to get him and Dante replies that he’ll do everything he can to make Rey sign his contract, because in a short time, Rey will worth his weight in gold. 

Tita arrives at the shop and she becomes happily surprised to see her stand with new merchandise and Beba tells her that Delfino did the magic and Tita asks Delfino that she hopes it isn’t merchandise from Chino and Delfino tells her that it’s from a friend. 
Rey goes to see Daniel to tell him that he is no more going to be a part of the buffalos since according to his mum they don’t value him and so he will go with him to where he is going to coach the coconut team and this makes Tita looks really happy because Rey has finally decided to go with her and Daniel to Costa Hermosa. 

At the boarding house after Malena, Matia’s mother and her son paid a visit to Fabi, she gets delighted with the relationship of his son and Fabi which they are further taking it down to marriage but when Fabi tells her that they won’t have children soon even after marriage, Malena tells Matias that if that is their decision then he is wrong to have chosen Fabi as his wife and Matias tells her that he wants a wife and not a maid in his life and that is why Fabi is free to choose or decide as to when she will want to become a mother. 

Joel is interested in Fabi but it looks like she has no eyes for him and now that Matias is ready to eve marry her, he tells Fabi that it looks like he is of no match to Matias due to their caliber and the kind of talk they have to win a woman.

Fabi doesn’t want to go with her mother and Daniel to Costa Hermosa and Matias arrives to tell Tita that he and Fabi want to get married as soon as possible so that that way she and Daniel and Rey can go in peace to costa hermosa knowing that their daughter will be in her husband’s hands. Tita thinks they should wait a while and study themselves or get to know themselves better so that they can settle down but with that decision it looks like they are rushing but Fabi and Martia’s mind is made up. Beba hears about the news and after Tita told her that she can’t even convince them to change their mind, she asks Tita to give them her blessings unless of course she wants the two love birds to elope and get married without even informing them and so Tita blesses them and the children look so happy.

Fabi meet up with Daniel and tells him that he has been a better father to her than her own father and that’s why she wants him to walk her down the aisle the day of her wedding and Daniel is pleased to honor the call. 
Tita wants to know if the merchandise Delfino is selling comes from Chino or not so to be at ease and she realizes that the merchandise Delfino took to her stand is from Chino and she becomes so disappointed.

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