December 01, 2021

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Heart of a Champion Update on Wednesday 31st July 2019


Waldo goes to Tita’s house to rebuke her and Sara recognizes his voice as the one who was arguing with Mr. Pedro before he died and Tita asks if that means Waldo killed her dad? Fabi also asks Sara if she is sure of the voice recognition and Sara tells them that she learned to recognize voices when she got blind, and that Waldo’s voice is the same voice of the man who argued with Mr. Pedro the day he was killed.
Nelson’s team manager kicks him out of his squad after realizing that he deals in drugs after watching Gonzo’s video he took of him giving the drug to Valeria. Tita, Jose Antonio and Fabi decide to go speak with Waldo concerning the issue but upon reaching his apartment, he was gone living a note telling his daughter Fabi that Nadia kicked him out of the Apartment but he promises to come back for her and that he loves her. Fabi believes the message but Tita and Jose think that Waldo has eloped.
Waldo runs away and asks for help from Celso to hide him because now thanks to Sara, it looks like he can be arrested. He then decides to help him hide in the room Quique and his mum Sara once used to stay before and he accepts.
Gonzo brings Valeria back to Mexico and Emiliano and Maika go to pick her up. There arrives Nelson also and Joel is there to interview him as to why his Spanish team fired him. He tried to lie but Maika interrupts Nelson’s interview and discloses to the media that he was kicked out of the team because he is a drug addict and supplying drugs to Valeria and he is the same person who implanted those drugs in Rey’s jacket to frame him up. Nelson then gets angry with Joel for taking Maika’s interview and he also spills the truth to Gonzo that Joel was the one who posted all the negative memes and stories about Rey and Gonzo becomes surprised.
Alonso tells Rey that he has to go back to Mexico because he was picked to play with the Mexico’s National Team due to his tremendous performance in his career and Rey looks so happy.
Rey returns home and the boarders welcome him back to Mexico and wish him well as he comes back to play with the National team.
Martina and Coronel notice that Rufis and Froylan like each other but they feel a little bit shy to approach themselves so Coronel and Martina decide to give them a little push so they can join them together.
Joel gets fired from his job for taking bribes from Nelson to make him fame and also bribes to tarnish Rey’s image and Fabi tells Quique about it. There Quique reminds Fabi of telling her way back but she never believed that Joel could do that.
Whiles talking, she receives a message from the Medical school she applied that she’s being accepted into the school and she becomes so happy and upon telling Tita, she tells the whole boarders and they celebrate her 2kids for their success in life and also for Quique too who has been selected also to be a part of the national team.
Daniel asks Angela to tell him if she needs anything from him because of the breakup, he is willing to give her but Angela states that she needs nothing because she’s never being interested in money or his property but all she really wanted was to be with him. She tells the Bomb that she always knew that he was still in love with Tita, but she chose to believe that their relationship could work after marriage but it didn’t. He asks her to forgive him for hurting him.
Nadia tries running away after discovering that her ex-husband and Jose Antonio has gotten to know the truth but Emiliano refuses to help her escape even after pleading with him to help her run away. Quickly, the police enter their apartment to arrest her for the embezzlement at the ad agency.
At the boarding house, Daniel tells Tita that Angela has taking it in good fate even though very hurt but she’s decided to grant him a peaceful divorce because she’s realized that he is still in love with her. Right there arrives Jose Antonio and he asks The Bomb to accept that he’s lost Tita because they are about to get married. Tita then seconds Jose Antonio and she tells the Bomb that it’s hard time he accepts that she’s getting married to Jose Antonio.
Jose Antonio tells Tita that Celso has confessed that Nadia and Waldo were his accomplices and that it was Waldo who even came up with the plan to steal them.
This makes Fabi to go get her things back to Tita’s apartment because after finding out the whole truth, she becomes deeply disappointed to know that her dad Waldo lied to her this whole time.
Quique goes to see Celso in jail and he promises to take care of his parents and his sister because he still sees him as his friends even though he had the chance to change for the best but he still chose to move on the wrong path. For this favor, Celso also reveals to him where Waldo is hiding and that is at where he Quique used to stay with his mum at the tenement house.
Rufis confesses to Delfino that she’s realized that she actually loves older men and that is why she can boldly say that she really likes Froylan.
Beba and Delfino get back together at last and they look so happy.
Chino meets Waldo in jail and there he convinces him to do well to get him out of cell and he knows he being the father of the most famous Footballer Rey and the husband of Tita, he can do that favor to help him with a plan he will suggest to him.
Nadia calls Tita over to visit her in prison and there, she tells Tita that Waldo was the one who killed her father Mr. Pedro but not just responsible for the embezzlement. This shocks Tita but what she doesn’t understand is why he did that. Whiles pondering over Waldo’s reason to kill her dad this with Jose Antonio and Emiliano, Waldo calls Tita from prison and asks her to come see him in prison because there is something, he wants to tell her about her father’s death and she accepts. Not knowing that it’s all part of Chino’s plan to hold her hostage to pay her back for all the harm she did to send him to jail. A riot then breaks out at the prison and Tita is taken hostage.
Whiles Rey gets ready to go play his first match for his national team, Dante informs The Bomb and Rey about the riot in prison where by Chino has taken Tita hostage and so the two decide to go to the prison and inside, they try to negotiate with Chino. Chino then gives the order to his boys to kill Tita but Daniel takes him off guard, and he pins Chino against the wall, presses a sharp object against his throat and then commands Chino’s accomplices to free Tita or Chino dies. Unfortunately, one of the accomplices, stabs Waldo and Rey and Tita then fear for Waldo’s life.

PLEASE NOTE: The grand Finale of this sweet Novela will come up on this coming THURSDAY. So, don’t lose guard. Thanks for all your supports and comments.

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