March 05, 2021

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Here’s how M.anifest is fighting COVID-19 (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Here’s how M.anifest is fighting COVID-19 (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

He made this revelation after the Secretary-General of Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, challenged him to share his routine with fans online.

He took to social media Wednesday, April 29, to give insight into how he is fighting the pandemic.

Ghana has over 2,000 confirmed cases so far with 212 recoveries and 17 deaths.

To help his followers stay alive in this hard time, M.anifest has been educating people through social media from time to time. But this time, he gives more insight.

According to the “god MC” rapper, social distancing is key to fighting the pandemic.

He said to avoid interacting with people, he has converted his dining hall into a recording studio where he records his new projects.

“I have adapted my professional and personal life. I make sure I’m fully social distancing. And in that effect, I have converted my dining table and space into a studio so I do not have to go out to studios to interact with other people,” he said.

He said he uses his social media platforms to educate fans about the pandemic.

“I have also made sure that I use my social media platforms to inform and encourage [people] on how to fight this pandemic.”

“We are in this together. Much love to you and yours,” he concluded.

Watch the full video below.

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