April 16, 2021

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I don’t support LGBTQ but they can fight for their rights – Fameye (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

I don't support LGBTQ but they can fight for their rights - Fameye (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

According to the Ghanaian singer, he believes advocates of LGBTQ rights, can fight for LGBTQ rights just as others also fight for the legalization of marijuana use.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with pulse.com.gh, Fameye said: “in this life, everyone fights for their rights so I think they are also fighting for their rights, I don’t support it but they support it so they should fight for it“.

The conversation around LGBTQ rights in Ghana has been a hot debate following the shut down of an LGBTQ office in Accra after public outrage over the opening of the office.

The ‘Nothing I Get’ singer sharing his thoughts on this, continued that “they are also fighting for their rights just like how weed advocates also fight for its legalization so it is everyone with they are fighting for“.

Asked he smokes marijuana, Fameye said “I take weed but I don’t smoke it. So like how I’ve come to pulse like this, if you served me marijuana juice, I would have taken it

Or maybe weed salad, I would have taken it but maybe the smoking is the problem but soon we will fight for that right“, the singer who is out with a new song titled ‘Self Help’ added.

Speaking about his music project, Fameye has announced that he is set to drop his next album which has titled ‘Son Of Peter’. Giving an exclusive of what to expect from the album, he said it will feature Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

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