July 15, 2020

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I left Lynx with nothing, not even a number of a DJ – Eazzy

I left Lynx with nothing, not even a number of a DJ – Eazzy

According to Eazzy, it wasn’t her intention to abruptly exit Richie Mensah’s Lynx Entertainment but her career was halted by the management to focus on other acts and being left idle, that pushed her out.

Talking about her career after her departure from the label, Eazzy who was speaking on UTV’s “Atuu” show said she had to build it all once again from the scratch because she left Lynx with nothing.

According to the “Odo” singer, how the label operates keeps the acts away from the front role business so she did not even have contacts of some key industry players when she went on a pursuit of managing her own affairs.

When I left Lynx I didn’t even have a contact of a DJ, I had no contacts or whatsoever because that’s how the label works, you don’t have personal relationships with people … everything runs through management … till the time I left, I didn’t even know how to get my song played on a radio station” she said

However, Eazzy, who is set to release a new E.P titled “SOLO” has mentioned that she has been able to manage herself quite well and cited how reached some International distribution and organizing a successful Europe tour.

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Whilst talking about what genre of music sells in Ghana, during the conversation, the “Power” singer said that the music market is dynamic and shockingly revealed that the biggest hit song in her career is even a song she did afterlife with lynx.


Guess what my biggest record has been even though people think it’s “Wengeze” “Forever” me and Mr Eazy, it’s an African hit, more than five million views on YouTube right now legit and my channel is on Vevo so it’s not YouTube where people buy views” she told Abeiku Santana, host of the show.

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