March 01, 2021

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I’ll not give you money if you are my friend and play Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s music – Fameye (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

I’ll not give you money if you are my friend and play Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s music - Fameye (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

According to the “Nothing I Get” hitmaker, he will not offer financial support to friends who always promote foreign musicians through social media.

He said he will not give his money to such friends even though he has money stuck in his bank account.

“The truth is, if you are a friend and you always post songs of foreign artistes and play Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s songs,” he said in a video he shared on social media, “and you ask me for money when in need, I won’t give you. I have it, but won’t give it to you.”

It’s unclear what triggered his comment, but, majority of Ghanaian music stars have, over the years, lamented bitterly about lack of support from Ghanaian music fanbase.

Shatta Wale – a controversial dancehall star – is one of the leading musicians who always bash Ghanaian bloggers, DJs, presenters and promoters for not giving musicians the maximum support to hit the global market.

Yesterday, Captain Planet of 4×4 fame claimed Ghanaian DJs blow Nigerian songs when their musicians use Ghanaian jargons but in Nigeria, such things don’t happen.

“Naija will say shito ,odo , odo yewu, waakye, banku , ohemaa etc & our djs will blow the song BUT Ghana man will say eba & egusi soup, biko & naija djs won’t play the song . if u like mention buhari or Dangote’s name still naija won’t play the song. We love them anyway,” he tweeted.

He defended his claims when the tweet backfired, saying: “Almost All The Gh Djs Are Getting This Post Wrong. Some Of You Should Read It Over & Over Again. It’s Not An Attack On Gh Dj’s So Some of You Shd Stop Being Domestic Haters.”

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