April 16, 2021

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Is homophobia your brand now? – Wanlov clashes with Kwaw Kese over LGBT in Ghana [ARTICLE]

Is homophobia your brand now? - Wanlov clashes with Kwaw Kese over LGBT in Ghana [ARTICLE]

It’s been a rough week for the LGBT community in Ghana and it seems Ghanaians are not ready to accept them.

Kwaw Kese, who is on the majority side of Ghanaians, shared a video on his Instagram page thanking President Akufo-Addo for not allowing them to operate in the country.

Reacting to Kwaw Kese’s comment, Wanlov said the MadTime Entertainment label rapper broke his heart and asked if he is adding homophobia to his brand.

He asked why he would support a government that arrested him for smoking weed, charged him a $150 Covid test fee and failed to solve the mystery behind the death of his manager, Fennec Otchere.

“Kwaw you break ma heart. This your statement and stance wana fellow beings and me seff ma life in danger. instead of supporting love freedom and justice you dey support the same British Ghana wey e jail u for ganja wey e take you 150 for COVID-19 wey dey never solve Fennek e murder give we. homophobia be your brand now? u dey follow priests n bigots n miseducated people?” he wrote.

Kwaw responded saying Wanlov rather broke his heart when he realised he was gay. “@wanlov you broke mine a long time when I realized you were one. What economic sense will it make to legalize gay? That Ghana go get more gays?” Kwaw Kese stated.

Wanlov rebutted with a reminder of how Kwaw Kese was treated by the police when he got arrested for smoking.

“@kwawkese so you dey think of money instead of human being e freedom? u forget how u beg for freedom the time the system trap u? as u come out u create more weed smokers? as u create more weed smokers, they spoil Ghana? what one bad LGBT people do u wey u dey wish evil on dem so? u make today a very sad day for Ghana give me,” he said.

Kwaw Kese bounced back to clear the air on Wanlov’s homophobic allegation, saying he is not against the LGBT community but Ghana has more issues to deal with and that the issues should be dealt with first.

He also said homosexuality isn’t Ghana’s culture and he is happy that the president stood on his grounds.

“@wanlov bro am not against LGBT, Ghana has more issues to deal with, let’s face that first. Everything country in the world have and belief in their own traditions and culture. This is not part of our culture so I’m happy the president has stood for our culture which is our way of life,” he said.

Wanlov ended the back-and-forth by asking if the Bible and Quran is part of Ghana’s culture but never had a response.

“@kwawkese is bible and koran our culture? by supporting nana’s actions which are against LGBT you have also shown us where you stand. human rights are always of utmost importance,” Wanlov stated.

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