July 11, 2020

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Jhumki’s insecurities to land Ganga in trouble – CrystalUpdate

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Jhumki’s insecurities to land Ganga in trouble

Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) life is going to get tough in the upcoming episodes.

The makers of Gangaa (&TV and Sphereorigins) will depict some sad moments for the main lead, we hear.

Post leap, Ganga’s life has completely changed. She is now married to a divorcee Shiv (Shakti Anand).

He also has a daughter Jhumki (Arishfa Khan) from his previous marriage.

A source shares with us that in the coming days Jhumki will get insecure and would fear that Ganga might win over her father’s heart. Hence, the girl will decide to trouble Ganga.

Furthermore, as part of a ritual, Ganga will prepare food for the entire family. However, Jhumki will add a lot of chilli powder in it to destroy its flavour.

The family will taste the food and get angry with Ganga.

Will Ganga learn about Jhumki’s insecurities?

We failed to reach Aditi to elicit a comment.

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