October 23, 2021

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Kofi Jumah speaks on son marrying Nana Addo’s daughter

Kofi Jumah speaks on son marrying Nana Addo's daughter

The union between the President’s daughter and Kofi Jumah’s son has since sparked a conversation on social media.

In an interview with Accra-based Okay FM today, the Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited, who once served as Kumasi mayor and a former MP, clarified that his son’s marriage was not arranged because he had no idea he was even dating Nana Addo’s daughter.

According to him, his son told him about the young lady over a year ago and he said he didn’t know she was the daughter of the President until they met later.

“My son told me that they met in America, and she did not know that I am his father, and he did not know that the President was her father. He said they had known each other for the past four years,” he said.

He continued that “when I got to know it was the President’s daughter, I had to look at my son’s commitment level to the relationship because this is not something you can go into and leave just like that. I needed to be sure he was into the young lady,” he added.

The NPP stalwart commended the President’s daughter for her humility and pleaded with Ghanaians not to involve politics in the marriage of their children.

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