March 02, 2021

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Kuami Eugene’s loose talks causing him harm than good – Guru (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

Kuami Eugene's loose talks causing him harm than good - Guru (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

According to the rapper who claims Kuami Eugene has disrespected him, he believes that the singer must be careful on how he speaks to issues because his loose talks have been causing him disaffection.

This boy’s way of speaking has caused the mother to be portrayed as sorry to say as a prostitute because he loosed talked and said almost like 8 men have come out to claim to be his father, ” Guru told Ghanaian blogger Zion Felix.

The “Nkwadaa Nkwadaa” rapper has been at the throat of Kuami Eugene for some weeks now after the latter has said that he won’t collaborate with him because he disrespected Richie Mensah his boss.

Unhappy Guru spoke against Kuami Eugene’s comment and followed it with a diss track he dropped a few days ago. Guru titled the song ‘Who Born Dog” and went in hard on the “Wish Me Well” singer and his label.

Justifying why he is calling Eugene out, Guru added that “he also loosed talked on so many positions and it doesn’t sink well which is causing him“.

According to Guru, Kuami Eugene is at his pick now and “he needs to cash out but he is not doing that by loose talking. Anytime you go on social media about Eugene what do you see? Has there be any positive vibe about his talent? No“.

Hear more from him in the video below.

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