October 01, 2020

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Lady who allegedly leaked Akuapem Poloo’s nude video cries on live TV (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

Lady who allegedly leaked Akuapem Poloo's nude video cries on live TV (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

Susan The Boss, a former close friend of Auapem Poloo, has been accused of leaking Poloo’s nude video, but she says she has no hand in the leak.

According to her, there’s no way she will hurt Akuapem Poloo, not even her worst enemy.

“I am holding tears so much; I can never hurt Akuapem Poloo,” she told Kantanka TV on Tuesday, September 15. “I can never hurt my worst enemy not to talk of Akuapem Poloo. I love her, and she knows I didn’t do this.”

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She accused Akuapem Poloo of leaking her nude video for fame.

“She knows something about this video. She knows something about it. And the worse part of it is, she didn’t call me about the leaks.”

“Akuapem Poloo, fame is nothing. When you are famous, people will think you use useless things to trend. Ten years from now, you will get nothing out of it. Believe me. Six years from now, you will clock 40. You have to think fast,” he added.

Watch Susan The Boss tear up why denying the allegations levelled against her on live TV below.

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