December 01, 2021

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Linda Mensah-Vidzro wins top award

Linda Mensah-Vidzro wins top award

‘’The beauty industry is evolving now every average woman is more concerned about her looks (hair, makeup and skincare), for that reason African women are more open to various cosmetic options now more than ever,’’ she said after picking the award.

According to her, the beauty industry in Ghana is fast-growing, and a green land for new beauty brands that want to reach not just women but men who take their look very serious.

“Ghana and the entire African continent, has a huge market for beauty brands to invest in but, the only cry is for the correct products to be accepted on to the market, that will open doors for young people who are interested in the industry to also make earns meet at the end of the day, this award is for everyone that is putting the hard work to lift the image of the industry,’’ She added.

The Ghana Beauty Awards focuses on brands and individuals who are contributing to the growth of the industry in Ghana in a professional way. The show has been running for a couple of years now, intending to help the industry expand each year.

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