October 23, 2021

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Lydia Forson shuts down Instagram troll for being ‘Too Risky’

Lydia Forson shuts down Instagram troll for being ‘Too Risky’

Ms Forson is the quintessence of Extra. Extra sauce and unapologe-Thick. So it came as no surprise when she posted a video of herself, Sister Derby and Sandra Ankobiah jamming to a song by Medikal and Sister Derby. 

Unfortunately, one follower decided to stir up a storm by tagging Medikal in the post. But Ms Forson would have none of such petty attention seekers as she delivered the offender with a short but fierce prayer. She wrote, “ May you be more than someone who likes on peoples pages and tag people just to get a reaction … May you really be more than this in 2019. Bless”. Say amen to that … Phew, that was hot. 

Lydia Forson Instagram comment

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Sometimes I wonder how people cannot just take note of certain things. Why would you try and cause drama for her friend after she has made known that you mess with her if you mess with her friend? 

Anyways, Lydia’s prayer is our new year’s prayer for all the haters. Can I get an amen? 


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