August 03, 2021

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Magluv goes on her knees with tears to beg Shatta Wale’s mother on live radio (VIDEO)

Magluv goes on her knees with tears to beg Shatta Wale's mother on live radio (VIDEO)

“I was very close to Shatta Wale when he started and even offer my advice on how things around should be done but it is almost three years now since I have seen him,” she said on the “AY3 HU” social talk show hosted by Nana Ampofo.

Everyone who knows me knows I ma God-fearing woman but she told my son that I am a witch and that rice I bring to his house has witchcraft spell in it, so he shouldn’t allow me to come to his house again,” Mama Shatta added in the video above.

Magluv has refuted all the allegations levelled against her. She was spoke on Hot FM in a heated argument with Shatta Wale’s mother, Madam Elsie Evelyn Avemegah aka Shatta Mama.

However before the show. she decided to apologize Shatta Mama saying that she was not on the show to disrespect but to only tell the her side of the whole story.

Shatta Wale’s mother remained unhappy with her after the heated argument and that pushed her to go on her knees with tears to apologize to her,

Speaking Ga, Magluv could be heard saying that “Mummy, please forgive me… Please the sleeping dogs lie…don’t listen to people…those people don’t like Shatta Wale…they’re just interested in the downfall of Shatta…please, don’t let our enemies win over us…I am extremely sorry, please forgive me.”

Accepting her apology, Shatta Mama said “I have no problem with Shatta Wale; I only came here (Hot 93.9FM) to talk about issues bothering me…I thank each and every one…I have accepted her plea…but if she is just pretending to be remorseful only God knows…I thank you all.” Watch the video below.

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