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Meri Aashiqui Episode 181–184 Update on Tuesday 21st January 2019 – CrystalUpdate

Meri Aashiqui Episode 181--184 Update on Tuesday 21st January 2019 - Telenovelas GH

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Ranveer leaves Ishaani, she is irritated and asks if he feels like laughing. He smiles, she says he must see what she will do now. Ranveer snatches her white robe, she covers herself with arms as she was wearing red dress. Ranveer comes towards her, she asks what he is doing, and asks him to return her robe. He throws the robe on the bed, Ishaani tries to hide herself with her arms, RV makes fun of her.

She bends and splashes water from the tub of his face, and laughs. Ranveer makes face as she makes fun of him. She says she wants to drown him in water, he asks in such little water and mocks at her by calling someone save him. He splashes back on her. They play with each other, Ishaani spills the tub on floor and gets on the bed. Ranveer fells down, Ishaani makes fun of him and wears her robe as Ranveer keeps on slipping on the floor.

There is a bell on the door, Ishaani is worried that they have returned. Ranveer says pizza boy must have come. Ishaani runs to get it, while Ranveer runs behind her to stop her, saying he will see her this way. Ishaani runs to the door, and opens it. Ranveer and Ishaani are shocked to see who is at the door.
Ritika comes back to table and is worried to see Sharman drunk. He stands up, holds her by arms and says he wants to ask her something. He asks if she loves him, she was speechless. He drowns in her shoulder.
There were some guests at home. Ranveer hides Ishaani behind him, and sends her away. He says to his mausa ji that he should have told him to bring him from station. Mausa ji says it is fine, he is here on his own. Mausa ji asks if he recognizes the other people with him, Ranveer says no. Mausa ji introduces them as his relatives Hasmukh bhai. He says the lady is his sister in law and my wife, they all asks what. Mausa ji excuses him and says my sister in law and his wife, Pinky. Ranveer understands and asks them to come inside.
Ranveer smiles and asks how they came so suddenly. His mausa ji says he has brought here for treatment. Ranveer asks what has happened to them, Mausa ji says they have an illness that which can’t be told, but can’t be hidden as well. Ranveer asks what has happened. Mausa ji says Hansmukh bhai has peels, Ranveer asks Piles? Mausa ji agrees, and Pinky has gastric problem. He says he has brought them here so that he may get them treated. Ranveer says sure, they will get the treatment. He says he knows a specialist doctor; he must get them admitted right away.

The guests go inside and call for food. Ranveer says he has sent all the workers of leave, who will give them food. He is frustrated that now he must celebrate the valentine’s day.
Derwash says to Pratik and Parul sadly he had invites for so many valentine’s parties, he could go for all the girls. Pratik says he has dreams of so many girls, but can’t do anything. Parul also smiles at this, Pratik says today they will be happy at their successful plan and will celebrate valentine’s day belated. The three of them cheer.
Mausa ji, and guests eat pizza while RV sit watching them. Hansmukh bhai says he didn’t know in cities they eat by putting vegetables put on roti. Mausa ji says whatever way it is, it has to go in stomach, it is tasty. Pinky asks do lights go off in cities, as he has lit candle. Ranveer smiles wryly and leaves the table. Ishaani appears from behind the wall and switch the lights on. The guests announce that the light has come. Ranveer is shocked seeing Ishaani, goes to the table and blows all the candles. Ranveer says their light has come now. Ishaani acts to him that she is really hungry, and watches pizza water-mouthed. Ranveer goes back to sit on the table, holding his head.

Mausa ji asks Ranveer if he wants to eat, he says he isn’t hungry. Mausa ji says alright, Ishaani regrets and asks him to bring one slice for her. He points at her to go from the other side. Mausa ji asks if he has muscular strain in neck, Ranveer agrees. Ishaani doesn’t get what he was saying. Ishaani comes to the other side of the wall, Ranveer points at her to go there. She moves to the door.
Ranveer smiles, and says he thought about eating some pizza. They all offer him, he takes a plate and and two pieces of pizza. Mausa ji stops him and says where he is taking it inside. They will like if he eats with them. Ranveer says he will bring the sauce for it. Pinky stands up listening to Saas, he clarifies he is talking about sweet chatni. Pinky understands him, and sits back. Mausa ji asks Ranveer to bring sauce for him too. Ranveer says he will bring the sauce here.
In the kitchen, Ishaani takes the place from Ranveer and goes eating pizza herself. He comes to her and asks how she can be so selfish. He came here so that they can feed each other with their own hands. Ishaani says had he done something good to her, she must have fed her. She tells him that he doesn’t need to be so romantic. He says she can’t show romance but some manners atleast. He takes the plate off her hand, she comes to take it back and asks why for. He says today is valentine’s day, she says it was valentine’s day, now it is family day. So he must go out and celebrate the happy family day. He asks why she is blaming him for everything. He sent the whole family out. She asks any benefits, his mausa ji has come with another family. He asks if this is also his mistake, she says yes. He has organized the valentine’s day, so he should have taken care of such emergencies. Now that he has mistaken, he must stay hungry. He asks why should he stay hungry, he will eat. She says pizza came for her, he says he ordered it.
There were there when Mausa ji, Pinky and Hansmukh bhai come in the kitchen. They ask there is something wrong with the girl. Ranveer says he will see to her, they must go and sleep. Ishaani says why, the pizza was ordered for her and a hungry cat is like a lion. She goes out to dining table,takes the coke and leaves. Pinky says she not only shows anger, but teeth and nail as well, she is such a witch. Ranveer asks them to go and sleep and his maa and masi had gone for pizza. Mausa ji asks him to take care of her, he can’t take risk on her. Ishaani peeks at Ranveer and makes fun of him as Mausa ji held him by arm. Mausa ji tells Pinky that she must sleep with Ishaani so that she can’t come near him. Hansmukh asks where he must sleep, Mausa ji asks him to go to guest room.
Mausa ji take Ishaani inside.
Ritika takes Sharman to her room, he was drunk and asks do you love me or not. She asks him to come to the bed, he lie down there. He asks she loves him or not. She asks him to get up, he comes to her shoulder, she takes his coat off. He lay down, she removes his coat, takes his shoes off. He says Ritika, I love you, calling her. She comes to sit besides him. He asks her not to leave him. She says she knows he doesn’t drink this much, but what is in his mind that made him drink so much. He holds her on himself and asks if she loves him or not. She didn’t speak.
Mausa ji was snoring, while Ranveer curses him for getting him rid of his sleep. Ranveer says he had dreamed of valentines, now he will only have to dream about Ishaani. Mausa ji turns to come near Ranveer, and puts his arm around his neck. He removes his hand off, Mausa ji speaks in sleep. He was talking to Lakshmi in sleep, while Ranveer was worried and leaves the bed.
There Ishaani was awake due to snoring of Pinky.

Ranveer calls her, and asks was she asleep. She asks how she can sleep, she was so missing him. He asks how the sounds behind her is, has her AC gone dysfunctional. Pinky farts. Ishaani tells Ranveer there has been bomabardment here. He doesn’t understand, and then says this gastric problem will cause her gastric tragedy. Ishaani says she is going out and runs out of the room.
Ranveer and Ishaani open the door together. She runs to him and asks him to take him away. He was also worried, and hides his face. Both comes to realize their confessions, gets an idea, smiles and run.
In the corridor, both come running. Ranveer takes Ishaani to the wall, he says his valentine’s won’t end till he doesn’t get his valentine’s kiss. He gets closer to her, when both see Mausa ji approaching.

PRECAP: Ishaani calls Ranveer as he lied faint on the floor. She tries to get his breath back by pushing air in his mouth. He encircles her in his arms.

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RV looks at Mausa ji suspectedly as he passes them away. Ishaani says he is so broadminded. RV says he isn’t broad minded, he is sleep walking. Mausa ji turns around and heads back. RV and Ishaani run the other way. RV comes close to Ishaani in the kitchen, Mausa ji again opens the door. He heads towards RV and Ishaani but Ishaani notices he had come to fridge. She opens the fridge door, RV hands him a banana, he takes it and leave to the kitchen.
Amba and Baa arrive together; Amba says to Lakshmi that she did what she had said. Baa says at this house, Thakkur ji is hers, Amba has once again done work for her, and she must now prepare the Poshak well to be draped on Thakur ji. Parul and Pratik cheer that it seems their plan was successful.
Ishaani and RV watch Mausa ji lying on the bed in room. He gets Ishaani by shoulders and says the night hasn’t passed by and the valentines day hasn’t ended. They were about to kiss, Ishaani is worried that both Baa and Amba have come. She hurries into her room and shuts to door behind. RV comes to his room where Mausa ji lied, he says here his family has been his enemy.
Girish stood covered face and watched Shanaila. The wardboy comes and asks him not to come here, if he is caught he will lose his job. Girish bribes him, and asks how is her sister showing such improvement. The ward boy says that man is a God, who comes to take care of his sister daily. He is spending a lot of money on her, and has called doctor from foreign to treat her. Girish is confused who to believe, Chiraag or what he can see.
Ritika comes to Sharman’s room saying Good Morning, but Sharman wasn’t there. Sharman comes home, Baa notices him worried and drunk. She asks, he says Ritika doesn’t love her and she and Ranveer are caught into something. Baa tells him not to be dubious on her loyalty, she also thinks she loves him and she and Ranveer are only friends. Had she not in love with him, she must not have come to meet him on Valentine’s Day. She asks Sharman to jerk any false feelings, and go get fresh promising to talk to Ritika. Amba and Lakshmi hears this. Lakshmi says to Amba that Sharman’s doubt is really firm, they must now make a proposal for Ranveer and Ishaani. Amba says soon RV and Ishaani are divorced, the soon there will be the wedding of Ranveer and Ishaani.
Chaitali weighs herself in front of mirror and cheers that she is getting thin. She says she will disappears this way. Ritesh comes calling her and asks her to get ready as they have been called by Mr. Javeri. He has brought sweet for her, she forbids him to eat it else he is getting fat. She goes to take saree from Ishaani, as she is the youngest diamond company owner.
Ishaani sprays fragrance in her room. She says she now feels fresh and goes to mirror to get ready. Ranveer comes and hugs her. She asks how she didn’t know, he says he has removed the wind chime. That always spoilt his surprise. She tells him to go away, he says he has not forgotten to shut the door, catches her and asks her for valentine’s kiss. He lay her on the bed, when someone knocks at the door calling Ishaani. It was Chaitali, Ishaani was worried, afraid and asks him to hide under the bed. She takes him to go out of window, he says he will fell down. She panics and takes him to cupboard, he says he is suffocating but she forces him inside.
Ishaani goes to open the door, Chaitali says she got so much time. Ishaani says she was changing saree. Chaitali says she wants to borrow her saree, Ishaani was taken aback. Ishaani smiles, Chaitali asks her to show her her cupboard. Ishaani stops her and says she will send sarees to her as cupboard isn’t managed. Chaitali says she will even manage her cupboard.
Ishaani asks why would she do her work. Chaitali says she is helping her that is why. Chaitali removes her from the way. RV hides himself watching Chaitali. Ishaani was speechless as Chaitali chose for the saree. Ishaani said at each saree to take it, but Chaitali was taking time to select. Ishaani says she can’t give her saree, Chaitali asks why can’t she wear the saree. Ishaani says this is Sharman’s Lagan patrika, she must wear new saree, not the older one. She says she must not worry about money but buy a new one for herself. She gives Chaitali money to get saree for herself, and says bye to her. Ishaani shuts the door, and comes to open the cupboard. Ranveer stood there faint, and fells on the floor. Ishaani was worried, and rubs his hand. She thinks she must give him air to breath. He hugs her in that position tight, she gets up at once.

PRECAP: Ranveer says her candle light is fixed tonight. Ishaani says it isn’t easy, what will they say at home. Ranveer holds her hand, kisses her on cheek and says I love you and your reply is awaited. He smiles at her.

Lakshm was talking to her husband on phone, Amba watches Sharman passing and says to Lakshmi that she feels bad about Sharman. Watching Ritika’s intimacy to RV she thinks she loves him, on the other hand she loves Sharman too. She is still confused either to marry her friend or fiancé. She at once notices Sharman, Sharman leaves. Lakshmi and Amba cheer. Baa had heard it all, she thinks she will have to make them well too.
Ishaani comes to Baa and says she was going to shopping with Ritika, and will do the dinner tomorrow. Baa stops Ishaani and says she wants to talk to her about Sharman and Ritika. Ritika comes home, Amba asks her to for shopping. Ritika says she has to meet Sharman. Amba insists on her going with her and buy a gift for herself.
Baa tells Amba not everything is fine between Ritika and Sharman. She must talk to them. Ishaani says she will talk to Ritika. Baa says if we all go together for dinner, Sharman will be fine.
Amba days Sharman isn’t home, Ishaani comes and asks Ritika if she is ready for dinner. Ritika doesn’t get it in the first place, then understands and says yes Sharman called her but may be he wanted to give surprise. Amba comes and scolds Ishaani why she doesn’t let her do anything. Ishaani tells her not to interfere, Ritika is her sister in law to be. Ranveer comes there and says to Amba that she won’t do any drama in front of Ritika at least, he takes her inside.
Ishaani takes Ritika out promising to tell her everything.
Amba resists, RV says if that Ishaani wants to take Ritika along her, she may let her. He says it is Ishaani’s game plan. She wants to be with him, that is why she always wanders around Ritika. He says she always wants to quarrel with him, so that he kills her and she makes a domestic violence case. Baa is always involved with him. He says if their case is weak she may even ask them for house. Amba gets worried.
Ishaani goes with Baa and Ritika, she texts Ranveer that they must cancel their dinner.
Ranveer tells Amba she is going to make an official call. Ishaani asks what Pratee, Ranveer says Baa is here. Ishaani says she was taking Ritika to boutique, Baa and Ritika are with her. Ranveer says he will celebrate his valentine’s for sure with her and says he will come to the restaurant. She says he won’t be able to do. He asks is it challenge. She says he may take it as. He says it is accepted, he will hold her hand and Amba will ask him to do it herself.
In the hotel, Sharman was still waiting when Ishaani and Baa arrive. Baa says she was so bored, she thought about eating outside. Ritika also comes there and says Hi to him. She asks how he is and hugs him. He doesn’t hug back she notices this, then looks at him quizzically. Baa asks them to go inside, they all come in.

At the dinner table Baa notices the silence. Baa tells Sharman that she brought Ritika her because she wants them to sort things out and asks what is going on. Ritika says all is well, they are waiting for wedding. Ishaani asks Sharman to speak, and solve the misunderstanding clearing all his doubts. His silence would effect the relation Baa has joined for them, two families are not joined with this doubt. She asks him to listen to Ritika for once. Sharman still sat quiet, Ritika stands up and comes to Sharman. She says she wants to talk to him alone. Ishaani asks Sharman to go, Baa also sends him with her. He goes with Ritika. Ishaani gets a text message from Ranveer saying wait for me. She is worried if he is really coming.

Ritika comes to Sharman, he was angry and frustrated. She asks if he doubts her taking RV, she asks come on Sharman stop it now. He has made this so big, he doesn’t want to see how much he helps Ishaani and RV to get their patch up. She says if something was there in her mind why would she do it for her. She says for some times she didn’t share what was in her mind. It is her life and she needs space. She holds his face saying if he doesn’t trust her, doesn’t he even see love in her eyes. She asks him to stop staring, talk to her and think about her family. He was still silent. She says they have wedding after seven days, if he doesn’t trust her she will tell everyone she isn’t going to marry. She can’t take this much stress in life.
Amba asks will they do on dinner with the Parekhs, she suspects if he wants to spend time with Ishaani. Ranveer says she just told her that Ishaani can make a complaint in court. Amba says they already have so many proofs against her. Ranveer says how will they be proved good, if he behaves well with Ishaani. People well then think he is a good man, and they might not even need to give a single penny that way. Parul says that she will make the video of Ranveer’s drama and some pictures, and will upload them on social media. Everyone go to get ready. Ranveer thinks that now he will celebrate his valentine’s day with her, in front of the whole family.

PRECAP: In the restaurant, Amba asks Ranveer to sit with Ishaani, she may keep his hand on her shoulder so that people know how much he loves his wife.

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Ritika says to Sharman that when there is no trust, there need not be a relation. She turns to leave, Sharman holds her hand.
Ishaani was worried, Baa says what must they both be talking about. She must see, what if it ruins. Ishaani stops Baa and says they need to talk alone.
Sharman says I am sorry, I knew I must not have think about what he was. This is the difference between men and women, women speaks everything while men keeps their thinkings in their mind. He asks will she marry him, forgiving him. She nods, kisses his hand and say if he ever brings anyone in between them again, she will go away from him. She says she will move away from him if he brings someone between them ever. She hugs him, Baa and Ishaani cheer looking at them smiling. Baa hugs them and says they have to spend their life this way. Ishaani says she has already ordered soup for them both. Ritika says she will also take soup, as she has stomach disorder from yesterday. Ishaani gets a cough as she watches RV come to hotel. Baa asks if she ate spice, Ishaani says spice has just come here. They all notice Amba, and family there. The manager asks for a special table for them, but Ranveer says his wife has already arranged a special table for him. He exclaims what a pleasant surprise, have they come here for dinner. Baa says they are watching movie here. RV says he will do the dinner here. Ishaani whispers what he is doing, he says he doesn’t give up on challenge. RV tells his parents to take the table, they family will have dinner together. Baa asks Ishaani what is happening, but Ishaani says she doesn’t know. Ranveer and family take seats.
Ranveer smiles looking at Ishaani. The waiter says it is pleasure to have him here. RV says pleasure is his as he is here with his wife. But he couldn’t spend valentine’s with his wife, so he wants everything special tonight. He points at Amba to smile, Baba also says that RV only wanted her to make a drama. Parul asks her to go, she will click image. Amba stands up laughing, and says her daughter in law looks so beautiful. She comes to Ishaani, and asks Ranveer to come and give flowers to Ishaani. RV brings flower bundle for Ishaani. Baa wonders what is happening here. Ranveer smiles, as Ishaani takes the flowers. Parul says she can atleast smile if he doesn’t has to say thanks. Parul asks for photo, Amba makes RV sit with Ishaani. She then asks Ranveer to keep his hand around Ishaani’s shoulder. Baa is shocked, Amba says this way everyone would know how much he loves her wife. RV asks Ishaani to smile, it’s ok as he is her husband. RV gets another photo made of the two.
Baa stops Parul, she asks RV to leave her and go away from here. She makes Ranveer get away. Ranveer whispers at Ishaani to make her Baa ready as he did to his mother. Baa takes Ishaani inside to talk to her. She asks Ishaani that she understands the drama of that mother and son, but what about her. Ishaani says she knows what those mother and son want. She says they want to pose themselves good, so that they can prove we are the one’s wanting to get divorce and this way we won’t get a single penny. She says that Parul will take her photos and put them on social media, so that she can tell her brother loves his wife so much. Baa says she can act well, and goes calling Ranveer with beloved names. Ishaani smiles, Baa says if he has forgotten his Baa in valentine’s celebration. Baa asks them all to have a photo together. Ishaanin and Ranveer head to speak with each other. Ritika says to Sharman that they must help them make fool of everyone. Amba asks Ranveer if he would make them eat food. Baa says she will make Ranveer eat with her own hand. Amba says she will make Ishaani eat. Ranveer asks them for food, they all eat enjoying the meal. Ranveer holds Ishaani’s hand under the table. He asks her to eat with the other hand.
Baa asks Ishaani why is she eating with her left hand. Ranveer asks the same. Ishaani says her right hand is injured. Baa says she has the injury in left hand even. Ranveer asks if she has pain in her left hand, and holds her hand up. He whispers he told her to hold her hand in front of everyone.

Ishaani tells Ranveer not to take tension, she will put on balm at home. He makes her eat with his own hand. She touches him with her foot, he gets cough. She gives him water. He says it is really spicy, smiling at him. The manager says their band wants to play a special item for them, why don’t they join them. Ranveer asks for the dance floor, saying that is a great idea. He stands up and asks for Ishaani’s hand asking May I dance with the lady in red. Ishaani takes his hand and goes with him. They dance together. Ishaani watches the family and says everyone is watching. He says that was the challenge, that he will spend the Valentine’s in front of everyone. She says she is feeling awkward. He whispers not to worry, this Valentine’s won’t end until they are alone. He says she understands her well, she says she is his better half and knows he must have an idea about it too. He takes flowers from his pocket and kneels down to give them to her. Petals fell from the roof on her and he holds her up in his arms.

PRECAP: Ranveer holds Ishaani and says for their date alone, he wants to take her on a movie.

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