October 21, 2020

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Mr Drew recounts affair with housemaid as he talks about why he’s into older women [ARTICLE]

Mr Drew recounts affair with housemaid as he talks about why he's into older women [ARTICLE]

According to the Ghanaian singer, he grew up with that preference because most of the times, it is the older women who make advances towards him. “I started dating my seniors from Junior High School. It’s not me, from childhood, that’s how it has been, it’s not like I love Nbrewa“, he said.

Speaking in an interview on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ on Okay FM he continued that “older people from my childhood have all been hailing me, buying stuff among other things for me. They go like, he is cute, let me buy you ice cream, take you to launch and things. It’s not like, I do it but it’s natural, it comes like that“.

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Recounting his encounter with older girls, a report seen on Ghanaweb.com quoted him to have said that “ at Achimota School during my SHS time, a senior can carry a whole chop box full of food from home to me just because she has feelings for me. The character and the personality got them to me. They were many seniors, some even used to fight“.

According to the “Eat” singer, due to all that, he started exploring sexual stuff at an early age which saw him having an affair with a maid in his house. “I even had an encounter with a maid who was taking care of us home,” he said.

Drew says he has tried dating his size but it comes with issues. “ I have tried younger ladies before but most of them have been older than me. Like most of my ex-girlfriends are all older than me. Usually, with the older women, she has assessed herself well of being sure about what she wants to do but a younger lady is now settling down in terms of what she wants. I will rather choose someone who is matured than a younger lady. Sometimes the buy me this, buy me that of the younger ones too are issues.

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