August 08, 2020

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Mzbel puts her ‘huge’ mansion on display (PHOTO) [ARTICLE]

Mzbel puts her ‘huge’ mansion on display (PHOTO) [ARTICLE]

On Tuesday, July 14, the “Legelege” singer took to social media to openly brag about owning a mansion – though her caption contained humour.

She uploaded a photo standing in front of what seems to be a two-storey building.

And according to her, she owns everything in the picture.

Mzbel captioned the photo: “Well let me also do the bragging some wai… I own everything u see in the picture oo especially the pajamas…boi “social media”. Good morning Mzbelievers.”

Apart from music, Mzbel is radio host and entrepreneur who runs a media company and a restaurant.

Probably, she built her huge mansion from her multiple ‘side hustle’.

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