December 01, 2021

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MzVee is facing the challenges I had at Lynx Entertainment before my departure – Eazzy

MzVee is facing the challenges I had at Lynx Entertainment before my departure – Eazzy

Detailing why she broke ties with Lynx Entertainment, the “wengeze” hitmaker during an interview on UTV’s “Atuu” show mentioned that it was because the management of the label shifted attention on her to some other new acts. 

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Speaking to Abeiku Santana, host of the show, Eazzy said “It wasn’t my choice, it was the choice of the label I was on at that time, due to certain resources and certain things they had on board, the career was halted for some time, I wish I was doing music back to back and that was one of the reasons that started the whole stir”.  

Eazzy who is set release a new E.P also added that “It looked like all the attention was being given to Asem and I felt sidelined so we came to an amicable agreement and parted ways”. The singer, however, emphasized that she is very cool with Richie though people think she is on a hateful term with the Lynx boss. 

The “Odo” singer was asked if her history is about to repeat itself at Lynx with the brouhaha surrounding MzVee’s silent presence at the label contrary to the loud attention the same label is giving to KiDi and Kuami Eugene and she gave an affirmative response.

MzVee and Kuami Eugene

That is what starts the problem, I think it started from Asem time … they know what they are doing but I know that was the starting our little problem …I was given a break when I didn’t want a break” she said. 

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MzVee has reacted to this hullabaloo sometime back when she took to Instagram to explain why she has been silent in the music industry.

I know there are a lot of questions being asked but there are things to be done before things can be said!! 2018 has been a very challenging year for me which has led to some impossible decisions I know I have been quiet for some time now, I want to assure my fans I am not pregnant Neither am I getting married!!! With time all questions will be answered.” she wrote.

Does Eazzy’s comment now confirm that Lynx has possibly halted MzVee’s career to attentively focus on KiDi and Kuami Eugene?

Watch more from Eazzy’s interview on Atuu in the video below and share your comments with us.

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