September 21, 2020

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MzVee sparks pregnancy rumours, says “God is good!” [ARTICLE]

MzVee sparks pregnancy rumours, says “God is good!” [ARTICLE]

The 28-year-old former Lynx Entertainment record label signee has sparked pregnancy rumours online with a post that suggests that she is expecting her first child.

Although her post was ambiguous – it may mean she has grabbed a new boyfriend – most of her fans who commented on the post interpreted it as something related to pregnancy.

She shared a screenshot of an Insta-story which reads: “OMG! Baby finally! Thank you God.” She accompanied the post with the caption: “God is good!”.

In 2018, she was rumoured to be pregnant for a rich boyfriend but never addressed it.

However, in January this year, she revealed in an interview that she broke up with her boyfriend after going through depression.

“I was, I lied about it for some time and then we broke up, I guess it was because of the lies. God doesn’t like lies. But I’m single now. It was one of the relationships I destroyed just because I was in a bad place. I let go of him too,” she said.

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