October 23, 2021

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‘People travel to Ghana just to eat fufu with me and go back’ – Kwame Oboadie (VIDEO)

'People travel to Ghana just eat to fufu with me and go back' - Kwame Oboadie (VIDEO)

Kwame Oboadie is also a social media commentator and most of his commentaries about fufu have gone viral across social media platforms, making him Ghana’s unofficial ambassador for the local swallow and soup cuisine. Others call him Ghana’s only fufuologist.

Speaking about his crave for fufu on Delay Show, Kwame Oboadie said ” that thing I do has helped Ghana. Do know that people deliberately take flights to form America to Ghana and come to me that we should go and eat fufu“.

Last week, someone who is a soldier in Maryland came to Ghana, not to do anything else but just so that we can go and eat fufu together and go back,” he added. Hear more from him in the video below.

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