December 04, 2020

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Princess Shyngle accepts applications from lesbians, says she’s tired of men [ARTICLE]

Princess Shyngle accepts applications from lesbians, says she's tired of men [ARTICLE]

According to her, she is tired of dating men and now receiving applications from hot women.

She made this statement in an Instagram post on Tuesday, July 28.

Princess Shyngle said she has good taste in women – suggesting that she is a bi sexual or some sort of – and that any woman who wants to date her has to be more beautiful and hotter than her.

She also indicated that her new partner would need huge butts as hers and assured that she would take good care of her.

“I have good taste in women oh… you must be finer and hotter than me for me to date you… send in your applications ladies… no men allowed I’m tired of y’all…my next girlfriend has to be hot oh with a fat ass I’ll take care of you and spoil you rotten,” she stated.

It’s unclear whether her post was sarcastic or serious, however, from all indications, her past relationships with men have been nothing to write home about.

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