February 24, 2021

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Rapper Edem and wife welcome third child together (PHOTOS) [ARTICLE]

Rapper Edem and wife welcome third child together (PHOTOS) [ARTICLE]

The rapper’s wife Stacey Hotor after recently bragging about her ‘womb shifter’s’ prowess in the bedroom of giving her orgasm constantly for 6 years, has delivered a baby girl which becomes the third child for the couple.

It’s recalled that Mrs Hotor who describes herself as Edem’s “blue balls” because she is “always making him uncomfortable“, whilst celebrating him on his birthday in April 2020 wrote “6 years of legally fucking you… been orgasmic… Happy +1 my fav dick“. About nine months later, the lovers are blessed again with a child.

The newborn baby girl will have Khloe Selikem A. Hotor and Jonathan Edem A. Hotor, as her older siblings. Taking to Twitter a few days ago, Stacey who is caterer, wrote “another one!!!! We are a family of 5 Now…

Selly Galley and Edem’s newborn baby

Ghanaian actress Selly Galley who is a family friend to the couple, also shared the good news with photos after she visited the home of the rapper. Sharing the photo above of herself with the newborn baby, she wrote “Our best friends and neighbours just welcomed another girl

In an Instagram post, she continued that “Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hotor @iamedemgh @staygree @griddlekitchen Too much love. Didn’t want to let go of her tiny fingers. Happy she didn’t take her father’s gigantic head and her mother’s … 😆 she’ll kill me“.

Edem and Wife welcome new baby girl

Edem and Wife welcome new baby girl

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