August 03, 2021

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Reggie Rockstone sends mentally ill showbiz personality to Pantang for treatment (VIDEO)

Reggie Rockstone sends mentally ill showbiz personality to Pantang for treatment (VIDEO)

He told Reggie Rockstone the first time he saw him on the streets that his mother had passed away and his father is ill in Chorkor, a fishing village and a neighbourhood in the Accra Metropolis District, a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

He had no place to sleep. “I remember I had a hotel where I live.”

Prince Church willingly told Reggie that he needed help for his health but didn’t opt for a psychiatric hospital. He said he wanted to see a general doctor because he has been sick with malaria.

“I need help. I have been calling for it. I can pay for it. No, I want to go to the general hospital. Mosquitoes have been biting me and I have malaria.”

Now, Prince has the help he needed after Reggie Rockstone used his social media platform to win the hearts of fans, friends and donors.

On Sunday, July 18, Reggie Rockstone shared a video of how he got Prince Church admitted at the Pantang Hospital. He further promised to support him in any way he can to get him back on his toes.

Reggie Rockstone noted in the caption of the video that he ‘aspires to inspire’ and thanked those who supported Prince Church.

“The story of brother prince church! Watch to end! We aspire to inspire. A good story was written by Jah! Thanks to you all who helped us help brother prince church! We used the very same social media for good! @pyaddoboateng @ceoextrao @sntumy god bless you! Prayers went up!” he wrote.

The story touched the hearts of thousands of Reggie Rockstone’s fans.

One fan by username ‘wiz.o_g’ commented: “As I watch this story something strikes my heart very deeply. The question of “What If?”. What Reggie Rockstone had not been there? Who would have found the humanity in their hearts to do for this man what Reggie Rockstone did? This clearly had lots and lots of friends and family I’m sure who were doing well. And simply chose to ignore him and leave him out on the streets because of his mental disability? God bless Reggie Rockstone and God help Ghana.”

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