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River of Passions Episode 1 Update on Tuesday 30th April 2019

River of Passions Episode 1 Update on Tuesday 30th April 2019



We started by meeting two best friends Felipe and Cristian during a festival in their local town called Monteria. The guys were going to exchange roles as Felipe needed to sit for an entry exam to the university and since Cristian was a book warm, he asked him to take the exam for him. Cristian needed to meet a client of his father’s about a potential sale of cattle and since he knew nothing about it, he asked Felipe to meet the client in his place.

Felipe went to meet the client who was with his beautiful daughter Lina Maria and he went to show them the cattle as Cristian went to do Felipe’s exam. Things went haywire when raiders came to Criatian’s ranch as he was showing the cattle to Lina and her father. He asked the other workers to take them away and led the raiders on a chase. He managed to call Cristian and tell him what was happening and Cristian called the police. This meant interrupting his exam and therefore he was not able to take it.
Cristian’s father scolded the guys for what they had done and when Felipe went home, he told his mother that university was not for him and all he wanted was to be a rancher.

A year later, Cristian moved to Mogota, the capital to pursue his law degree as Felipe was stayed back in Monteria. He was employed by Cristian’s father as the ranch’s foreman. Lina Maria and her father moved to Monteria as well and Felipe began to pursue her. Before long, the two were already a couple and loved each other very much.

After finishing his degree, Cristian set to Monteria with new ideas to run his father’s ranch. Felipe went to pick him up at the airport but since his flight was delayed, Felipe had to wait. As he was there, he met a friend of theirs from the army who offered to give him a job where he could earn fast cash if ranching ever became tiring for him.

Cristian soon arrived and Felipe drove him back home. When Cristian arrived home, he told his father that he was now ready to take over the ranch as he had promised and the first thing he wanted to do was to get rid of the cattle. His father took offense and said that the cattle business was his legacy and it had also given Cristian all the comforts that he enjoyed. Cristian asked him not to be upset because it was only suggestion.

Felipe had been gushing about Lina Maria all the while and Cristian was finally able to meet her at the town’s pageant. Cristian was taken aback by her beauty but he did not say as much to Felipe. During the pageant, Lina Maria who was one of the contestants took to the podium and said that pageants were degrading to women. Everyone who was at the pageant was surprised by her words.
The next day, Lina’s father went to see Felipe to tell him that although he was a hardworking and decent man, he did not enough resources to take care of his daughter because she was a queen who was used to living well. He added that their relationship would just suffer once they started having financial problems.

This comment bothered Felipe and he decided to give the guy who had offered him a job a call. His friend asked him to get on the first flight to Mogota so that they could talk because the business he had in mind was too high profile to discuss through the phone.
Felipe got on a plane the next day and since Lina Maria and Cristian took him to the airport, he asked Cristian to take care of Lina.

When Cristian drove Lina home, she asked to talk to him. She told him that she heard he was running for a political post and she wanted to ask him for a job because she was not as occupied as she wanted to be. Cristian hired her and she offered to help with administrating the ranch as well. When Elizabeth; one of the girls from the town learned that Lina would be working with Cristian, she asked her to put in a good word for her so that Cristian could like her.

When Felipe arrived in Bogota, his friend took him for a meal then told him that the job would be about chasing criminals since both of them were ex-military and had the skills. It was however an off the books job since the criminals were very dangerous. The job entailed them having different identities and they also had to stop having any contact with their friends and family. Felipe spoke with Lina Maria and Cristian over the phone and lied to them that he was going to the amazon to hunt down a fortune.

Lina Maria started working with Cristian and told him about Elizabeth. Cristian continued to ignore Elizabeth so Lina Maria told her to tell the girl if he had feelings for her or not. Cristian invited Elizabeth for dinner when she called and she was extremely delighted so she went to thank Lina Maria for talking to Cristian. Unfortunately for her, Cristian only invited her out to tell her that he was not interested in her or anybody else since he was busy and did not have the time.

Lina Maria called Elizabeth the next day to ask her how things went and when Elizabeth told her what Cristian said, she seemed delighted. Cristian and Lina continued to work on a new project that he had in mind for the ranch and he also named her as her right hand when he announced his intention of running for the political post among the council members.

Meanwhile, Felipe continued on with his new job but was not happy because all he could think about was Lina Maria. His friend tried to help him escape the loneliness by hooking him up with some girls from a café they visited and we ended with them going out.

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