July 15, 2020

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Episode 47–48 Update on Wednesday 1st May 2019

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Episode 47--48 Update on Wednesday 1st May 2019

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Part 1

The episode starts with Mayank telling Gunjan with or without the scar she will always be the most beautiful girl to him forever. Mayank tells her he had no bad intentions and didn’t want to hurt her. He tells her to believe him. Gunjan tells Mayank that he hurt her a lot. Gunjan says she has no interest to know how and why it happened. Rachana is overhearing the conversation. Gunjan tells him to leave and he does. Rachana hides outside as Mayank leaves the room. She comes into the room and asks Gunjan why she yelled at Mayank. Gunjan tells her she feels sleepy and to off the lights. Rachana says no I’m talking to you and Gunjan says talk about what and Rachana says why does she always fight with Mayank. Gunjan tells Rachana not to get involved if she doesn’t know anything. Rachana then asks what happen between both of them and Gunjan flashes back to the kiss. Rachana asks her what happen. But Gunjan says she wants to go and sleep. Rachana tells Gunjan instead of fighting she should thank him because he cared for Gunjan and felt her pain as his. If it had not been for Mayank Mintu would not be in jail. Rachana says she promised Mayank not to tell Gunjan but seeing them fight she just had to. She said by telling her Gunjan might see Mayank in another perspective and that the fight will end. Gunjan tells her she won’t understand and goes to sleep. Mayank thinks after getting to know each other so well how can Gunjan think he would hurt her. He then hears Seema asking if he is asleep and he pretends to sleep. Seema thinks that God a daughter-in-law will be coming he is so irresponsible not offing the lights or taking of his shoes. Seema says she excitedly is awaiting Charu’s arrival and that she will put her worries away. Mayank thinks no one in this house understands him. Gunjan and Mayank think of all the good and bad times they had together.

Part 2

Rachana says hi to Chaya and asks her what is this and who’s clothes is she wearing. She asks Chaya if her parents don’t like her wearing jeans then why get into trouble.Chaya says because if she wants to mix around with people at college then she suppose to do all this. Chaya further says what’s the advantage of studying in a co-ed if you don’t get to do this. Chaya then tells Gunjan why is she sitting is quietly is she observing silence. Gunjan then etorts does she have to have a reason to be quiet. Chaya asks how she is feeling and Gunjan says she’s fine. Chaya says good get well soon then we all will go to college together. Shail comes and tells Chaya you’re here and Chaya greets her. Shail tells Gunjan to take her medicine. Meanwhile Rachana notices Chaya’s jeans showing under her salwar pants and pulls her salwar pants down to hide the jeans. Shail tells Rachana and Chaya to go on if not they will be late. Shail then leaves. Chaya thanks Rachana for helping her. Rachana then says comes lets go and they both say bye to Gunjan. Gunjan says to herself she did not do the right thing to Mayank and that she should talk to him and clear the misunderstanding if not these thoughts keep coming in her mind. At college the teacher tells the class to settle down ans sit at their places. The teacher then tells the students selected under the sports quota to meet their respective coaches. A girl next to Rachana ask if she was sellected for hockey and Rachana says yes. The girl wishes her best of luck telling her the coach is nothing less than an army general. She tells Rachana not to get in trouble with him and not tio break his rules as he could cut her admission. Seema asks Mayank was is he doing as he packs his bag. She asks him if she made a mistake and Mayank says no she didn’t do anything and he isn’t leaving because of her and he has to go to Kanpur. Seema then asks how come he suddenly has planned to go to Kanpur and she is sure someone said something to him that has made him upset. She tells him to tell what’s wrong. He insists nothing is wrong. She asks if he had a fight with Charu. She asks him is it because he doesn’t want a hasty wedding and tells him she will talk to Charu’s family and will handle everything. He tells her not to disturb him and he has to go and not to stop him. He sees Gunjan at the door.

Part 3

They show someone putting on his jacket and tying his shoe laces as Rachana works around the campus asking the college girls who is it that everyone seems scared of. And the girls tell her who else but the hockey coach. They ask her if she plays hockey and she says yes. One of the girls warns her to be careful. Rachana prays to God to help her and in return she will offer prasad. The coach opens the file and sees the list of names of the hockey players. Rachana walks to the field and seeing no one there thinks to herself if she came to the wrong place. Teh hockey coach arrives there. He and Rachana look at each other. Rachana asks him if he came to meet the hockey coach and he says yes and she further says that we were told to meet here right. She says thank God she thought she came to the wrong place. She tells him that the hockey coach is strict and that everyone is afraid of him and says she doesn’t know what will happen to her. The hockey coach asks her what else has she heard about this coach and she says that he follows discipline and that puts of everyone’s mood. She said she dreamt to be able to learn a lot from this coach but if he’s like this all her dreams are shattered. All the other players come and wishes him Good afternoon. Rachana is shocked. He wishes them and says that he is their coach Rajeev Agrawal. He says its good news that many students were chosen under the sports quota especially for hockey to join SVC but the matter doesn’t end there but begins with the hockey stick before entering the field. He says that they have heard a lot about him and hopefully it will come true. He says you heard I’m strict but I’m very strict and that everyone has to run to round for being late except for Rachana.

Part 4

Rachana tells the coach she is sorry. He asks for her name and she says Rachana stammering. He then says full name and she says Rachana Garg. He then say oh so she is the girl that was fasting on the day of try outs thinking she could make it and she did. He says that she is very lucky because on the day of the selections he wasn’t there and if he was she wouldn’t be here today. He tells her you need the passion if not you are wasting everyone’s time and asks her if she gets his point and Rachana says yes. He further says from now on she has no excuses and to go and change into sports gear quickly.

Episode ends

Precap: Mayank is leaving and Seema tells him to stop. Mayank tells his father to make his mother understand. Saangetha comes and asks Mayank are you leaving and whu and she tells Seema to stop him. Dayal sees Mayank leaving and looks on.

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rachna tells that she has no idea about the sports gear so he punishes her by making her run three rounds of the ground and he asks everyone to report at 4 o clock sharp for practice and tells rachna that she needs to have sports gear. Rachna discusses it with chaya and they decide that once they buy the sports gear rachna will wear it beneath her regular salwar suit.

Mayank is packing and seema is really upset. Mayank has a heart to heart with his dad who agrees to let him go so that mayank has time to think about his life. Rachna comes back home with sangeeta and dolu who she meets in the market. Dholu has made a get well soon card for gunjan who is upset . Rachna sees her crying and enquires gunjan covers it up saying she is having pain. Rachna wants to take gunjan to a doctor but gunjan refuses saying she is taking medicine. Dholu makes gunjan smile by tickling her.

Mayank is in the hall about to leave with the whole family. Sangeeta does not want him to go neither does seema. Mayank convinces dayal who agrees thinking mayank wants to study. Gunjan is upset as she knows that mayank is leaving because of her rachna notices the tension between mayan and asks gunjan if mayank is leaving because of her.

Gunjan runs away. Mayank sits in an auto to leave for the bus stop. Gunjan is standing upstairs and sees him go she breaks down.

PRECAP: mayank in bus . Gunjan running behind the bus hitting the bus so that the bus stops

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