February 24, 2021

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Sarkodie’s son interrupts rapper in adorable workout session video [ARTICLE]

Sarkodie’s son interrupts rapper in adorable workout session video [ARTICLE]

A few weeks ago, he was on show during his mother’s workout session – and now, it’s his daddy’s turn.

On Friday morning, Sarkodie went live on Instagram to share his workout session with fans – a routine he always shares on social media.

It was all going well until MJ bumped into the two-time BET Award winner and hilariously and adorably ruined the workout session.

Sarkodie gave him some time to enjoy the spotlight but later gently carried him off the camera to continue his workout session.

Three weeks ago, MJ did the same thing to his mother during her workout session. He stole the show when he constantly attempted to get a grip of his mother.

Sarkodie and his wife Tracy Owusu Addo, also known as Tracy Sarkcess, surprised their fans with their second child together. The Sarkcess family were abroad before the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown whilst rumours grew that Tracy was pregnant.

However, the rapper and the wife remained silent on the reports until they arrived in Ghana in June and they were seen with a new-born baby.

Fast forward, that baby boy is MJ and he is already showing his love for music and workout sessions.

Watch the adorable moment below.

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