October 23, 2021

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Shatta Wale tattoos Medikal’s name on his body (WATCH)

Shatta Wale tattoos Medikal's name on his body (WATCH)

Shatta Wale filmed the process and whilst at it explained that he has already informed Medikal that he will be tattooing his name. “My dawg Medikal, I am getting your MDK sh!t done, right now” he said.

That be the first tattoo I do for my hand today, I dey celebrate Medikal mern … family for life..” he continued and then he said to a colleague in the video that “hey Flow I am doing MDK, you know I have told him“.

Shatta Wale later showed off the finished work and said “yo MDK I just got done with your tat my n*gga, for life, blood. You know I like you, I have married you longtime, mummy knows I have married you“.

Medikal later shared Shatta Wale’s new tattoo on his Instagram page to say that “words can’t explain how I feel about this! @shattawalenima love you die, King, Deeper than blood” – see his post below.

The two musicians at countless have shown how much they appreciate each other, however, this new tattoo comes as a surprise to many who never imagined Shatta Wale has taken his bromance with MDK this deep.

Hear what he has to say about the tat in the post below.

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