April 16, 2021

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She’s always saying she’s broke – Date Rush pair fall apart over MOMO demands (WATCH)

She's always saying she's broke - Date Rush pair fall apart over MOMO demands (WATCH)

Bossey quizzed that “meanwhile everyone knows you as Kadijah so why should you change your name?” She replied “ what do you mean everyone” and speaking to the host of the show she added, “Giovani he can’t say that“.

Even that same day backstage, someone was like you people you have to get married soon and she was like ‘for the where’ meanwhile on this show I came to look for someone I can be with,” Bossey told Giovani in the video below, adding that other things have put him off.

According to Bosey, he has been on a date with Rose and it was nice but other concerns have separated them.

He detailed that “sometimes she will tell me that ‘me since 2018 I have never taken trotro before’ all the time she’s in Uber, she’s never been in Trotro, can I be with you? I am a barber here“.

Bossey also disclosed that “sometimes I will even just say hi on WhatsApp then she’ll reply I am broke … can you be with such a lady, I just want to ask how you are fairing then she will just tell me she’s broke and she will send you her MOMO account so you should send her money“.

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