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Sightless Love Episode 95 Update on Tuesday 30th April 2019

Sightless Love Episode 95 Update on Tuesday 30th April 2019

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After Prudencia caught Luis and Susana red-handed, she asks Luis for a divorce but Luis replies that a divorce is not in his plans. He reminds her that it is his house and that he handles the money including her inheritance and so he should stop being offended about what she saw because if she insists with the divorce, she will end up in the street. 

Prudencia sighs and tells Luis that it looks like he doesn’t know him at all. Prudencia bumps into Angustias outside the door and she advises Prudencia to divorce Luis. 
Angustias thinks Prudencia shouldn’t hide anything from her son and so she tells Alberto that she found out that Luis and Susana are lovers and demands Luis to leave the house. Luis arrives to reply that he won’t leave, and so Prudencia answers that if that is so then she will be leaving and so from now on Luis should deal or discuss everything with her lawyer. 

After Susana reveals to Vanessa about Prudencia catching her and Luis. Vanessa asks her mother what she was thinking when she got involved with Luis and Susana replies that she wanted to take Prudencia’s husband from her so to become an Ocaranza and have everything her late husband was incapable of giving her. Vanessa tells her that she can imagine that her dad really did a lot of Sacrifice before he could stay married to her looking at her ambition. 

Ricardo tells his mother that he is happiest man in the whole world because marina finally proposed to marry him. 
Marina offers to Prudencia to live with her at the tenement house and she accepts. 
Luis tries to deny that Susana was his lover to Vanessa but Vanessa tells him that her mother saw him as a way to get out of her financial problems and it hurt her that Luis fell into her trap, but what makes her really sad is that he cheated on an incredible woman like Prudencia because as it seems, she doesn’t think she will come back to him anymore but Luis doubts it. 

The counselor of Isauro Lawyer Hurtado tells marina that Isauro had to make an unexpected trip and this makes Marina and everyone nervous at what Isauro is up to this time around. 
Luis goes to warn Dr. Fernando to not try taking advantage of him and Prudencia’s situation because he won’t let that happen and Fernando tells him that the decision can only be made by Prudencia but the only things is for Prudencia to be a free woman.

Susana tells Zacharias that they cannot use the account of la Añoranza anymore because it won’t be long before they discover it, so he has to go far away because she is also leaving the business and will go far away and Zacharias asks her to then help him to get out of the country too if not he will tell the truth to Luis about their shady dealings. 

Damiana asks Marina if she is still standing by her decision to use the Ocaranza name and it looks like Marina is confused but Prudencia tells her not to get things mixed up and accept that she and Rafita keep the surname Ocaranza, because it would give her many advantages over Isauro and guarantees Rafael an inheritance from Luis even though she doesn’t want to.

Luis goes to the tenement house to talk about the surname issue with Marina because he never want her to mix things up but she tells him that she will only do so should he accepts to grant Prudencia the divorce and give him the inheritance she deserves and that is her only condition if not them she and her son will not carry the name.

Susana and Zacharias decide to travel far away to go live their lives there and Zacharias refuses to go away from Susana stating that they will go anywhere together because they are in the deal together and therefore, they will go down together should they be caught.

Luis asks Prudencia to forgive him and get over the situation and Prudencia thinks he is talking as if it’s just a normal error because Christ sake he cheated on her and that isn’t simple and he tells her that she should forgive him because she still loves him and Prudencia says she never wants to be with him again because it’s over. 

Lucrecia calls the Ocaranza house looking for Prudencia but Hortensia tells her that Prudencia is no longer staying in that house because she and Luis are getting divorce.

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