April 16, 2021

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Sonnie Badu is spewing absurdity – Prof Gyampo (VIDEO)

Sonnie Badu is spewing absurdity - Prof Gyampo (VIDEO)

“Maybe, it’s not the same PhD that I did. Whoever is saying that is spewing an absurdity. It is not possible, even with the grace of God. The grace of God does not fan illogicality.”

He continued: “When I was studying introduction to religious studies in level 200, my professor told us that God cannot (he put in inverted commas) do things that are logically impossible. Unless he wants to do a miracle.”

“The doctor of philosophy enterprise business has no room for miraculous features or miraculous feats. It is you struggling and going through the cannons of empirical research, methodologies, and learning, reading and researching and doing all manner of things before you get there. So, it is not child’s play,” he added.

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