August 07, 2020

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Till The End of Time Episode 122–123 on Tuesday 21st January 2019 – CrystalUpdate

Till The End of Time Episode 122--123 on Tuesday 21st January 2019 - Telenovelas GH

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Arjun gets up from press conference and says conference is finished now. Maya stops him and says there is a problem between Arjun and her, it is a very sweet problem, their would be baby. Arjun fumes in anger.

Saanjh watches news and congratulates Vandana that she is becoming daadi, at last her guilty of killing Maya’s baby is gone. Vandana says it was an accident and she should not feel guilty. Saanjh says even then.. She calls Samay and asks if he is free. He says anytime for her. She says let us party.

Arjun drives car rashly. Maya continues that she is excited about their baby, she needs a boy, etc. Arjun stops car, gets her out and gripping her asks when he did not touch her since 2 years, how she got pregnant. She says she will soon, baby will reunite them. Arjun says it
will never happen and gets back in car and drives rashly. He applies brakes suddenly, door opens and Maya jumps out. People surround and ask her if she is fine. She says yes.

Ayan, his fiance, Samay and Saanjh party at a pub. Aryan’s fiance gets heavily drunk and nauseated. Ayan asks Saanjh to help him take his fance to washroom. She taunts and accompanies him. Arjun comes to pub and starts drinking. A woman asks him if she can take his selfie with her shoes and she wants to show how a wife abuser should be treated. He gets angry and wants to back off. Woman’s boyfriend starts net. Arjun pushes him and throws water bottle on him. Water bottle falls on Samay. Samay sees Arjun and reminisces bike incident. He walks towards Arjun and asks if he is running away from his wife or fought with her, he needs a hug. Arjun pushes him. Ayan sees that and thinking someone else throws his jacket on Arjun and starts punching him. Saanjh returns from washroom and rushes to stop Ayan. Arjun hears Ayan and Saanjh’s voice’s and gets emotional. Saanjh apologizes him and removes jacket from his face and is shocked to see him. Ayan is also shocked. Saanjh emotionally asks how is he and introduces him to Samay and Ayan’s fiance. Arjun tries to hug Saanjh and congratulate her, but she extends hand. Ayan angrily leaves. Samay notices Saanjh’s emotions and says he thinks she needs some space and leaves. Arjun asks Saanjh how is she. Maya comes there reciting poem, interrupting Saanjh and Arjun.

Precap: Maya sensuously pole dances. Saanjh asks Arjun if everything is fine between him and Maya.

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Samay tells Saanjh that he thinks she needs privacy to talk to Arjun, so he will be with Ayan and his fiance. Saanjh asks Arjun if he will attend Ayan’s engagement. Arjun asks if she is inviting him in a pub. She says she invited Maya earlier, if she did not inform him. He is surprised, but see Maya standing behind Saanjh nearby and says Maya had informed him, but does not have time Maya recites a poem and then starts pole dancing. Arjun asks Saanjh to leave. Saanjh is shocked and returns to Samay. Arjun then goes on stage and Maya dances around him sensuously. He lifts her and takes down. She gets down and starts again. He lifts her again and walks. Samay notices Saanjh’s expressions fuming. Arjun gets Maya into car and leaves. Maya continues shouting to let her dance. Saanjh drives car reminiscing Arjun rudely asking her to leave. She shakes steering and Samay holds it.

Arjun takes Maya home and drops her in room. Jahnvi notices sitting on he wheelchair and presses buzzerrepeatedly. Arjun walks to her and says even she must be suffocating seeing all this and wants to get out of all this. He feeds her hot soup and then hears music from Maya’s room.

Arjun enters Maya’s room and sees her sitting on bed wearing bridal dupatta. Maya says it is time to become 3 from 2 and if they don’t get a baby, people will blame only Arjun. Arjun starts packing his clothes. She removes dupatta and is shocked to see that, asks what is he doing. He says finally he got courage to get away from her madness. She says she loves him a lot and even he told she is his god. He says he did a mistake and now will not repeat. She says now she realized, he is leaving her as Saanjh is back and is going back to her. He should accept it directly. Arjun stands silently turning his face. He then turns and sees Maya standing on balcony railing. He rushes and asks her to get down. She says he is her love, passion, pride, everything, she will love him forever and jumps. Arjun shouts no..

Precap: Maya tells Vandana that she can see hidden pain in Arjun’s eyes. Vandana asks to forget him, he is a failed experiment. Samay from kithen says experiment is already done.

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