March 02, 2021

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Tinny: My COVID-19 status was a joke [ARTICLE]

Tinny: My COVID-19 status was a joke [ARTICLE]

Early this week, a friend of Tinny and musician Nii Funny disclosed in a Facebook post that the rapper had tested positive for COVID-19.

“COVID 19 is real, Ghanaians should pray for Tinny he has tested positive,” Nii Funny wrote it on Facebook.

But in a swift response, the “Makola Kwakwe” hitmaker has said Nii Funny lied because the conversation he had with him regarding his status was a complete joke.

He made this revelation through a press statement copied to

Tinny press release

“We believe this news came to public after a jest conversation between Tinny and one of his industry friends, Nii Funny,” the statement said.

It assured Tinny’s fans, family and Ghanaians that Tinny is fine and healthy and has in no way tested positive to the deadly coronavirus.

Top politicians, celebrities and sports personalities all over the world have been infected with the coronavirus, with governments taking strict measures to curb the spread of the virus.

In Ghana, the COVID case count has passed 18,000, with over 100 deaths and 14,000 more recoveries.

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